Friday, June 26, 2015

Celebrate "Freedom" with a Patriotic Banner!

When Rebecca Lawther approached us with this stunning banner last month at an Expo, we knew that her project would be a great feature here on the blog! She is a long time Authentique Paper fan and has created many beautiful projects with our products. We couldn't wait to share this project with all of our fans, here's a little more from Rebecca!

While looking for something to hang in my office to show support for our troops as Memorial Day & 4th of July were coming up shortly-I had looked, and looked and I could not find anything I really liked. So I thought I should make one!-I don’t want to get too patriotic or political here, I think a lot of us take for granted our service members and what they do for us each day.
I live in Oceanside, CA and I work each day with several branches of the military-I wanted to create something that represented several branches of the military and cover my bases. While creating the banner I wanted it to be authentic so I added actual dog tags on chains and a few mascots including a bulldog (Semper Fi) and an anchor just to mention a few. After the banner was completed I hung it up in my office for a few days. I had a lot of positive feedback. So I thought I really should teach a class, so here we are!!  
At the beginning of this project I had looked at several different paper lines and fell in love with Authentique’s “Freedom” collection. The paper has simple lines and some basic patterns that I felt I could make a statement with. I just love the quality of their paper and all of their staff members are truly amazing. I have worked with a lot of vendors over the years and these guys are top notch!
The classes have been a big hit and we can’t keep the paper in stock at “The Making Place” in Escondido, CA.

In honor of the weekend and upcoming 4th of July holiday, we want to give away a "Freedom" prize pack! 
Simply "wear" the above badge, share on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Be sure to tag us! If we spot you with our "Freedom" badge, you may be a lucky winner! 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Announcing "Freedom" by Authentique Paper

Classic, timeless and recognizable, our "Freedom" collection is an example of what a "red, white and blue" collection should be. On-brand and to the point, this collection has the tea-stained look and designs which are vintage yet still relevant. Useable for almost any theme or occasion, we are excited to present our "Freedom" collection, available in stores now!

"Greatness" 12x12 Paper- FRE101
Stars and stripes / Old glory mini dot

"Banner" 12x12 Paper- FRE102
Newsy stars / Timeless ledger

"Undivided" 12x12 Paper- FRE103
As the name suggests, the plaid and circle stars truly are undivided

"Majesty" 12x12 Paper- FRE104
Beautiful damask and classic red and antique white wide stripe

"Virtue" 12x12 Paper- FRE105
Fleur de lis and sheet music

"Rejoice" 12x12 Paper- FRE106
Soft and versatile floral / wide gingham 

"Enhancements" 12x12 Cut Apart- FRE107
3x4 cut apart cards - Americana theme! / Confetti or sprinkles, you decide!

Elements Sticker- FRE108
Over 250 pieces on this sticker - complete with frames, tags, mini alphabet and mini word stickers, it definitely has all of the "elements" needed for your crafty project

6x6 Bundle- FRE109
24 sheets of 6x6, double-sided, reduced-scale designs. Beautiful.

Collection Kit- FRE110
14 double sided pattern papers - 2 each of the 7 papers from the collection, plus an Elements sticker!

12x12 Paper Pad- FRE111
24 sheets of 12x12 double-sided pattern paper

This collection is hot off the press, it's so new that our design team hasn't even had a chance to get their hands on it! 

Stay tuned for many more inspiration projects to come! 

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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Announcing "Legacy" by Authentique Paper

Curiosity about family history often begins in our youth. Some of our fondest memories are of moments spent with family. For some time, we have been working on designing a heritage line to represent the past, present and future and we are pleased to reveal our "Legacy" collection! 

The colors are nostalgic and the designs are timeless. Our coordinating accents are miniature works of art, meant to enhance moments you want to preserve for generations to come. We hope you will feel the heart and soul we've put into this special collection and that it will become a part your family legacy. 

LEG001- Generation
Floral embellished border design / navy floral wallpaper

Vintage letters and postcards / Light green simple dot

LEG003- Origin
Albertine rose plaid / Light green sheet music

LEG004- Kindered
Wood plank rose side design / Mini sepia-tone roses

LEG005- Tradition
Rose, navy & powder blue damask / Powder blue petal diamond

LEG006- Genealogy
Cameo silhouette embellished side design / Dictionary page collage

LEG007- Estate
Vintage wallpaper stripe / Pale pink gingham

LEG008- Heirloom
Heirloom multi color tapestry / Navy & antique cream ticking stripe

LEG009- Ancestry
Multi color mosaic tiles / Cream & antique brown herringbone

LEG010- Lineage
Ancestral chart / Antique brown fletching arrows

LEG011- Heritage
Nostalgic newspaper advertisements / Ledger with dictionary border

LEG012-  History
White-washed navy woodgrain with tree side design / Navy & night green crochet lace

LEG020- Enhancements
3x4 cut apart cards - use as a background or trim apart!

LEG013- Authentic Life Cards
Pocket crafting cards - for journaling, pocket crafting, card making, etc. 36 cards, double sided

LEG014- Components Paper Accents
Double sided pre-cut cardstock accents

LEG015- Petite Type

LEG016- Petite Diction

LEG017- 12x12 Details sticker - each sticker is it's own mini work of art!

LEG018- 6x6 Bundle
24 sheets of reduced scale designs

LEG019- Collection Kit
12 double sided papers, Details sticker, Components accents, Petite Type & Diction stickers

NOS114- 12x12 Paper Pad
24 sheets of 12x12 double sided paper

No collection announcement would be complete without some inspiration from our lovely design team! 
Project by Design Team Member Audrey Pettit

Project by Design Team Member Keely Livings

Project by Design Team Member Shellye McDaniel

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