Friday, January 30, 2015

Announcing: "Classique: Beauty" by Authentique Paper

Authentique Paper's "Classique" series has been one of the most sought after lines we have ever produced.  The simple color palette of black, white, cream and grey, accented by a single color, is classy and timeless. "Classique: Beauty" is the third installment of the series, preceded by Classique: Elegant & Classique: Pretty. The new kid on the block (Beauty) is already a fan favorite and a definite must-have!

A look at "Beauty" displayed in our trade show booth at the Craft & Hobby Association convention earlier this month.

The foundation of this collection is 12 double sided pattern papers, printed on our luxurious heavy-weight textured cardstock. Accompanying the beautiful patterns is a 6x12 cardstock die cut accent sheet, 12x12 cardstock sticker, mini alphabet and word stickers, and the highly sought after 3x4 Authentic Life pocket crafting cards. Keep reading to see the collection and all it's beauty...

"Beauty One" 12x12 Paper- BEA001
News clippings collage & warm grey solid

"Beauty Two" 12x12 Paper- BEA002
La tour eiffel side design & deep lemon yellow solid

"Beauty Three" 12x12 Paper- BEA003
Black & antique white silhouette & New era floral

"Beauty Four" 12x12 Paper- BEA004
Multi color tartan & Two-tone black & grey damask

"Beauty Five" 12x12 Paper- BEA005
Yellow accented ornamental ironwork & classic black & white diagonal stripe

"Beauty Six" 12x12 Paper- BEA006
Grey & antique white paisley / Tone on tone yellow big dots

"Beauty Seven" 12x12 Paper- BEA007
Antique white and soft yellow lace & Newspaper classifieds

"Beauty Eight" 12x12 Paper- BEA008
Multi color mixed pattern stripe & Grey tonal damask

"Beauty Nine" 12x12 Paper- BEA009
Multi color damask & Two tone herringbone

"Beauty Ten" 12x12 Paper- BEA010
Multi color new era floral & Antique white & black big dot

"Beauty Eleven" 12x12 Paper- BEA011
Deep lemon yellow & antique white silhouettes & Mini yellow dot

"Beauty Twelve" 12x12 Paper- BEA012
Greyscale rose bunches & yellow scroll quatrefoil

6x12 Components Paper Accent- BEA013
Die cut cardstock accents - double sided for versatility!

12x12 Details Sticker- BEA014
Our custom-made, matte finish cardstock stickers - so many pieces and intricate designs packed into one 12x12 sticker.

Petite Type Stickers- CLA316
Mini alphabet stickers, perfectly colored to match the entire Classique: Beauty collection

Petite Diction Stickers- CLA317
Over 100 mini word and phrase stickers, all packed into a 4x6 sheet...again, printed on our custom-made matte finish adhesive

Authentic Life Cards- BEA015
3x4 size pocket crafting cards - a sentiment or image on one side and a border/frame journaling card on the other, the "Authentic Life Cards" are the definition of versatile.

6x6 Bundle- BEA016
24 sheets of reduced-scale designs, all packed into one 6x6 paper pad - don't forget the "bonus" tag included on the back cover of this bundle!

12x12 Paper Pad- BEA017
24 sheets of our signature textured paper - 2 each of 12 designs

Collection Kit- BEA018
12 double sided pattern papers, Details sticker, Components paper accent, Petite Type and Petite Diction stickers are ALL included in this collection pack/kit.

Our collection announcements wouldn't be complete without a few projects from our design team!

Mini Album by Design Team Member Audrey Pettit

Layout by Design Team Member Keely Livings

Layout by Design Team Member Shellye McDaniel

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Announcing: "Treasure" by Authentique Paper

Our first reveal of 2015, and we are pleased to introduce you to a collection you will be sure to "treasure" for years to come! Authentique Paper is known for providing high quality textured paper, and our four new collections (which we will reveal over the next few weeks) are printed on our coveted & luxurious textured cardstock!

 When creating collections such as Treasure, we take careful consideration so the papers can be used for holiday projects and beyond. The paper designs are not theme-specific, rather versatile and useable year-round. The cut apart Enhancements paper, cardstock accents and mini word stickers are Easter-themed, but pick up a few extra sheets of your favorite design and use for spring, feminine and other soft projects!

A look at "Treasure" in our booth at the Craft & Hobby Association trade show a few weeks ago. Treasure was a must-have for many buyers and store owners. It is even more beautiful in person, we can't wait for you to get your hands on this collection!

Treasure includes 8 double sided pattern papers, let's take a look at Authentique's signature style - vintage with a modern twist... 

"Darling" 12x12 Paper- TRE001
Watercolor oval shape (or eggs depending on how you use the paper!) & cream/orange tulip damask

"Cheery" 12x12 Paper- TRE002
Cheerful (hence the paper name!) mini tulips & sunny yellow chevron

"Connected" 12x12 Paper- TRE003
Spring tablecloth / thin orange & cream diagonal stripe

"Adorable" 12x12 Paper- TRE004
Friendly multi color floral & adorable pink gingham

"Synthesize" 12x12 Paper- TRE005
Mixed pattern horizontal stripe & sheet music

"Virtue" 12x12 Paper- TRE006
Perfect plaid & pink tulip damask

"Divine" 12x12 Paper- TRE008
Multi color arches & soft green greek keys

"Enhancements" 12 x 12 Cut Apart -TRE009
3x4 cut apart cards perfect for pocket crafting!

Components Paper Accents - TRE010
Double sided cardstock die cuts, if you don't love the sentiment on the front, turn it over and use the printed back side as a layer or accent shape

Petite Type stickers- TRE011 
The overall size of these mini alphabet stickers is approx 3x8, so they are versatile and an excellent addition to any project!

Petite Diction stickers - TRE012
Our almost-famous petite diction (mini word/phrase) stickers have been a staple of Authentique Paper collections. Mix them in with a hand written sentiment or use together to caption your photos!

 6x6 Bundle - TRE013
24 sheets of reduced scale designs make up our 6x6 "bundle"

Collection Kit- TRE014
The "Treasure" collection kit includes 16 double sided pattern papers (2 each of 8 designs!), the 6x12 Components, Petite Type & Petite Diction stickers. It really is the only way to get everything you need to create multiple scrapbook pages, cards, albums, all in one place!

12x12 Paper Pad- TRE015
For those who prefer paper-only, we have created the 12x12 paper pad which includes 24 sheets of our heavy-weight textured pattern paper!

Our design team has created a few projects to give some ideas of how our papers and accents can be used to create a variety of crafty projects - home decor, scrapbooking, card making, to name a few.

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