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An Accordion Flag Book With The Calendar Collection

For today's project, I have an Accordion 'Flag Book' Mini Album. These type of mini albums have been around for quite some time. If you search on either Pinterest or YouTube for 'Flag Book Tutorial'--you'll have several video tutorials come up.  At the end of this post, I provide a link to a flag book tutorial that I thought was pretty good.
I've used the 'Calendar Collection' for this project. I designed it so that it includes room to add photos for each month in the year. 
The album measures approximately 14 1/2" inches high by 4 1/2" inches wide.

There are four horizontal rows with six cut-aparts from the collection in each row. Each cut-apart represents one month in the year.

The first row is January through June. The second row is a 3" x 4" inch card that corresponds to the month above it.

The third row is a repeat of the first row but for the months July through December & the final fourth row is again a 3" x 4&qu…

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