Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Welcome to the Authentique Paper blog! We are still making some changes and updating things on our brand new blog, but we wanted to make sure you knew how to find us! Ok, for the contest - it's pretty simple and straight forward...

Change your profile picture to one of the two Authentique badges on the right-hand sidebar of the blog ---> {over there} and share with your friends how much you love Authentique Paper by asking them to become an Authentique fan on FB and a follower of the NEW Authentique Paper blog! Be sure to have your friends tell us who sent them our way.

Starting today & through Friday, we will be searching through our Blog followers as well as on Facebook and our Facebook page to randomly select a winner to receive the 6x6 paper pad of their choice! Good luck!


  1. Dee Dee sent me and I'm going to share!!

  2. Natalie Dever sent me ... off to post.

  3. I don't see any way to follow the blog (there's a title on the right, but nothing below it)?

  4. lovin' the papers...saw some in person at Archivers...... thinking I need more!!
    love the christmas and halloween papers!


  5. @SmilynStef - If you click "Join this Site" just below the Facebook profile picture images and above the Members list on the RIGHT side bar, you can join the site and you will then be subscribed! Thanks for asking, and welcome!

  6. Off to share the Authentique love :)

  7. Done, done, done!! Just told 80 of my closest friends a few of which are on your design team.


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