Authentique Paper "Secret"

I am so excited to post this tutorial here today.
I am working with the new line of papers called FREE BIRD.
These are 6 x 6 papers that will be sold individually and what is so awesome about them is that they are the same quality as the bigger Authentique Paper 12 x 12 sheets, textured and wonderful!

The buzz with the Authentique Paper Design Team right now is that we all love the designs and the papers in this new FREE BIRD series, we almost do not want to use them.
If you are a true paper junkie like me as much as I love double sided paper, it can sometimes cause anxiety in me. I look at both sides and think, I can't possibly use ONE side and not the other. How do you choose which side to use? I want BOTH. Today I am sharing one of my BEST KEPT secrets with you. The textured papers that Authentique Paper produces are such high quality, durable and strong papers you can literally separate the double sided papers into 2 pieces of paper.
Yes...2 completely separate pieces!!

First you are going to need to break down...break down...break down the fibers in the paper.

To do this, I started by putting the sheets of paper through my crimper, over and over again. About 3o times at least. After that I just kept bunching it and crumpling it by hand.

It is important to note, I did not wet the paper in any way at all.

When I start seeing the edges are separating, I know I can start taking the pieces apart.

At first I used a spatula to carefully hold the one side down while I tugged on the other side.

But after doing this a couple of times, I found the easiest way is just to very gently separate a small section, rotate, tug, rotate and keep doing this until the pieces are free from each other.
You will end up with 2 intact pieces of paper you can play with.

The other side looks like a fuzzy white piece of cotton.

Here are some other pieces of the FREE BIRD series I have already separated and have cut them in strips.

I used a small dress form die cut from chipboard as my base. You can use this single layer of paper almost like it is fabric. The paper at this point is as flexible as a piece of fabric. Really!

Here I have made the bodice piece for my tiny dress.

Then I made the ruffles for the skirt.

Here are the pieces all ready to be assembled.

Using hot glue and some imagination, this is how the dress turned out.

I had made a focal point for my card, but it did not show up well as I used the same shades of green for my card base and embellishment, so I decided to make a ruffle to frame my circle embellishment.

I just attached a bunch of strips, end to end and gathered them to make the ruffle you see in this next picture.

The neat thing is, after making this card, I still have pieces left.

Isn't that awesome?
Who knew you could pretend paper was fabric and sew a dress out of it? (Other than me!)

My point in sharing this is to show you Authentique Paper's:
POSSIBILITIES, which are endless.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. Think of how many fun projects you can make with this fun paper and if you use my technique, you can double the amount of projects you make!
Have fun and happy paper crumpling!!! This has been Jeannie with The Polka Cabana with today's post.

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  1. WOW! Great tutorial and gorgeous finished card!!

  2. FANTASTIC tutorial, Jeannie!! Such a beautiful card and a very fun concept!

  3. VERY Cool Jeannie!! I love your dress! So amazing.

  4. Awesome tutorial! And the card is gorgeous!

  5. Wow. You put a lot of love into that card.

  6. When I saw this post I just had to try it out! Grabbed up my Journey line and gave it a shot so now I can say that I know it's true. I posted my adventure and finished project on my blog if anyone wants to check it out! I can't believe how strong the papers are!


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