Authentique Paper WELCOME WAGON

Do you know we have a contest going on? As we speak {or read}...a great contest was announced last Thursday, and just so you know....there is still TONS of time to participate and win! The sooner you refer your LSS, the sooner you could receive a gift from Authentique Paper and be able to purchase our {fab} products locally! Scroll down in the blog posts to last Thursday and you can read all about it....

In keeping in line with the "thankful" and "giving" contest, we'd like to roll out the Authentique Paper "Welcome Wagon" and give a warm "hello" to {quite a few} new LSS who NOW carry Authentique Paper products! Thank you to everyone who referred their LSS, you will receive your gift very soon!

Please see the list below and check out their store as well as their Facebook page and website - but don't forget to check out our Facebook page - we'd love to have you as a friend too!

WELCOME ABOARD...{you can click on the store name if it's underlined when you scroll over it to link to their FB page, blog, or store website!}

Copy Station
Love to
Mad 4 Plaid Crafts
Sarah Larson Designs

We truly appreciate your support of Authentique Paper as we continue to build our new brand. We value the retailer and appreciate each of our consumers. Please continue to shop your LSS and find quality Authentique Paper products and as a retailer, please know we are here to support your efforts as you continue to be a representative of our brand.

All the best,

~Team Authentique


  1. Wow, yay for all the great new LSS's!!!

  2. So excited to find a local quilt shop that has expanded to scrapbooking stuff and they carry Authentique. Bought some fun papers and alphabet stickers and spent the day crafting.

  3. We love the Authentique at Beverly's in Salinas, CA as well!


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