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Our goal here at Authentique Paper is to provide the best customer service in the industry. I know that sounds so cliche - I know. But it's the truth - it's a part of our mission and something we strive for every single day.

Whether we are answering phone calls from a local scrapbook store owner, or responding to beautiful projects posted to our Facebook wall, we honestly aim to acknowledge and spend time with every person who takes the time to reach out to us.

{L to R: David, Melodee, Samantha, Bret}

One of the ways we can provide customer service is to ship orders on time (we strive for same day, or next day shipping). Please allow me to go on a bit of a tangent - I promise, I'll weave it all back in...My daughter, Alexandra (not of my flesh or of my bone, but still miraculously my own ~Anonymous), works in our company. She is 16 years old and one of the most remarkable human beings I have ever met. I feel honored to raise her along side her dad, Bret. Alexandra takes a city bus from our home to downtown Salt Lake City to attend the best public academic high school in the state. This school is also one of the most diverse schools in the area - something that is honestly rare in Utah, and it reminds me more of a college campus than a high school. She treats her schooling like it is college - she is self-motivated, attentive and focused on her future. We seldom have to ask her if she has homework, if she is on-time with assignments or has any major projects coming up. This kid is on it. It's crazy! I received her report card in the mail on Saturday, and in accordance with her effort, she earned all A's. This is the 5th straight term (Freshman - 1st term of her Junior year) where she has worked her guts out to earn the grades she desires. We aren't the pressure-type parents, she wants to earn the best grades possible so she can apply to and hopefully be accepted to just about any college she chooses. I know it sounds like I am gloating, but I am not. I am humbled by this child, rather, this young person. I interact with her every day - morning, noon and night, and she never ceases to amaze me.


I made her a card (it's actually a tag) using our Splendid Collection, to give to her with a small present to celebrate her report card. When I was making the card, I realized I was due to post on the blog today, so I thought I would share this quick and easy creation which could be altered in a myriad of ways to suit any occasion. Customer service has been on my mind a lot lately, and for some reason, making this card for Alexandra also triggered my thoughts of our customer service. I'm random sometimes, I know.

Back to Alexandra...she wanted an after school job, but she doesn't have a car (she's very "green" and prefers to take the bus or ride her bike), so we offered her a job to help package and fulfill odd tasks around the office & warehouse. She always has a smile on her face. She loves to sing and dance with herself. She is clever & witty, and pure entertainment.

Now to tie this into our customer service goal - when you talk to someone on the phone you can hear in their tone whether or not they are having a good day. Often you can sense a person's mood by the style of their email or social media post. Alexandra is the perfect example of someone who radiates goodness and who's kind-spirit and love of hard work shines on to whatever task she is completing. My point is...we love what we do at Authentique Paper. We have fun. We enjoy each other's company. We smile and laugh all the time. We work hard, and are not afraid to put in the hours necessary to prepare products or fill orders.

{Alexandra whistling and smiling while she works}

We try to go the extra mile and not just talk about what our goals are, but actually integrate them into what we do and who we are as a company. As Benjamin Franklin said, "Well done is better than well said." Actions truly do speak louder than words, so we continually strive to live up to the standard we have set for ourselves.

We hope when you purchase our products, whether you are a retailer or consumer, you can sense the pride and joy we experience when creating and shipping the product. We love hearing from you, and hope that if we impress you with our products or our service you will take a moment to tell a friend about our new company. Thank you for your continued support - great things are on the horizon!

Have a great day and thank you for stopping by the Authentique Paper blog!




  1. love this post!! we own a small retail store (bait and tackle) And I always say you can hear if someone is smiling on the always answer the phone with a smile on your face! Customer service is why customers will chose you! I absolutely love my Authentique papers...they are so gorgeous and vibrant!! Hope you have a great day and keep smiling!!

  2. This is a beautiful post, Sam! I am loving getting to know what happens behind the curtain at Authentique.

  3. What an amazing story! TFS! Congrats to Alexandra! I love the tag.

  4. How lovely of you to share this with your audience. I adore your products and it's nice to know all the love that goes into it from the concept to the shipping. Thanks again!

  5. I so enjoyed reading this post. Thanks for sharing it.

  6. Wonderful post and story :) Love this!

  7. Love this post because I truly think most people forget about what's important in a business: great customer service! Keep up the great work :)

  8. Aw, that is such a sweet story. I really enjoyed reading it.

  9. Fabulous post...and you KNOW I love this company!!!


  10. Agree with everything said already! Lucky parents and lucky girl to have parents that love her so much! I wish her all the success in the world.

  11. What a great and well-written post! And an even better daughter!

  12. I think this post is amazing! I also think your product are amazing and well priced! Thanks for providing them for us!



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