"Wonder"-ful Advent Calendar with Silhouette!

There's nothing like rushing Halloween out the door and completely skipping Thanksgiving and jumping feet first into the Christmas season...settle down, we aren't going to skip Thanksgiving, it is Bret's favorite holiday and probably my favorite as well! But, in order to create an advent calendar - you have to plan ahead!

We had the opportunity to use the Silhouette Cameo cutting machine; it's quite fancy, I will say, but once you get the hang of it, the possibilities are endless! I can now say that I am a true fan of the Cameo, and I will definitely become a regular user!

Now, onto my favorite part; our Wonder Collection! At the risk of sounding self-promoting, I will say, our Christmas Collection "Wonder" is awesome! I love the nostalgic, traditional designs and iconic elements that make up the Collection. The papers cut like a dream, and are heavy-enough weight to fold along the perfect score lines created by the Cameo, and hold their shape! Whether we (Melodee and I) created a drawer or a box, the quality of our papers can stand up to the competition without wavering.

We used approx 15 sheets of 12x12 paper, you could use more or less, depending on how savvy you are with using your scraps. The advent calendar says it requires 25-50 sheets of paper, but I like to be creative with the placement of the shapes to find ways to use leftover pieces, so as I mentioned, I used less paper.

We set aside two of each of our 4x6 and 6x8 die cut element cards: Noteables, Excerpts, Tabloids and Icons, as well as two of each Petite Type mini alpha stickers, Classic Type and the Diction mini-word stickers. We did not use every piece from each element and sticker, there are definitely extra pieces, but we enjoyed the variety and options available, especially because our die cuts are always double-sided! The size of the die cut pieces are a great fit for smaller projects such as the advent calendar, Christmas/holiday cards, picture frames, etc.

There were a few moments when Melodee and I were embellishing the advent boxes/drawers, where we hesitated to add too much extra because we didn't want to hide the beautiful paper design and pattern!

The great part of making a home decor item like this, is that you have created an activity your entire family can take part in for the whole month (well, almost) of December. I remember as a kid I LOVED when my mom finally put out the advent calendar. The daily anticipation just about killed me several times, but even the tiniest piece of chocolate seemed to bring me right back to life. Personally, I think sharing simple joys with your family and friends centered-around a home-made project are among the best!

Silhouette is offering a great deal starting today through November 11th - if you go to their website and enter the promo code: AUTHENTIQUE, you can save $10 on your purchase of this year's Advent Calendar. With your purchase, you are given a card where you enter a code and you can download all of the templates need to create boxes/drawers and backgrounds for the calendar. It was easy to use, a pleasure to design, and paired with the Authentique Paper Wonder Collection, you can create a beautiful project to enjoy this holiday season!

I hope you take advantage of this great offer from Silhouette and will use Authentique Paper for your advent calendar this year!




  1. This is just so fun! I would love to see how this is all put together! I mean is the actual BOX cut out and assembled by the "crafter" also? How did you like working with the Silhouette? Awesome job! If it gets in your way, I will send you my address and you can ship it to me!

  2. Oh my! This is FABULOUS!!! I love it!!! And if you say the Cameo is great, I will take your word.... I've been wanting one since I first heard about it, and now I'm quite jealous of those who get to use one!

  3. Love this project! I also like the variety of box shapes you used to fill the advent calendar's spaces.

  4. Authentique paper is totally awesome so you are not self promoting, LOL. I love what you did with this. Looks perfect. I can't wait to get a Cameo.


  5. this is such an adorable project and I am so loving that paper!!

  6. I LOVE it! But, dangit! I don't have a Silhouette >=`(

  7. Love the papers. Makes the advent calendars just right. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Oh clever girl! What a great spin on an old idea. Just lovely!!


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