A Very Merry Christmas

Hi all! This is Jessica, I am the fearless book keeper here at Authentique Paper. I have to say, it is truly inspiring for this non-crafter (me) to be around all of the creativity in the office!

When Sam asked me about my favorite holiday memory, the first thing I remembered was my grandmother’s absolutely amazing tree. When I was little, we would visit her home during the Christmas season. This was the only time we were allowed in the special room where the Christmas tree was displayed; must have been a generational thing?!?! The room was decorated with large blue wing-back chairs and a beautifully upholstered sofa. The blues, creams and golds used in the decor of her home were nothing like you would see these days. The Christmas tree was stunning, it was 6ft tall, (large for those days) and fully flocked. The amazing gold lights had plastic flower covers (I used to think they were real and try to smell them.) No luck on the smell, but I think I burned my nose once or twice! The tree was decorated with giant (at least they seemed giant to me) glass balls in an array of pinks, blues, greens and creams. They came in an assortment of sizes and all of the colors seemed to dance within the branches of the tree. It was truly magical.

I often tour flower shops and tree festivals during this season to look for the same feeling I had when I would step into the magical room at my Grandmother’s house. From time to time I see trees decorated similarly, but not close enough. I wish I had just one box of those ornaments hung on that huge, flocked tree. This year I tried the next best thing. I hope you enjoy these projects made by our FABulous DT members using a variety of our collectons. Yes, they did step in and help me out...maybe next year I'll get the courage to share a few projects of my own creation, but for now, their projects are much more beautiful than my own!!! Merry Christmas to you all!



  1. these are just so amazing...Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  2. Thanks for sharing a fun memory, Jessica!

  3. I love it when people tell old family stories. Thanks for sharring Jessica. I hope you find that tree one day. Till then these oridments are great. I have been working on the pleated circles this year so really like the idea of what to do whith some of them. Thanks & Merry Christmas.

  4. Thanks fpr sharing you Christmas memory! The ornaments here look wonderful! Have a joyous holiday!

  5. Thoses are amazing! Thank for sharing!

  6. Isn't remniscing sweet? I have been doing a lot of it over the last few days.
    Projects are beautiful-as always. Thanks for the inspiration and sharing.

  7. Christmas memories are the best! LOVE these ornaments and plan to try some next year!


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