Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween and Beyond!

Hello, and HAPPY HALLOWEEN from Heather!! My grandma's birthday is today (HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA!!) and she LOVES Halloween, a mini-album for her birthday using  Glowing seemed like a perfect birthday present!!

For the cover, I used a few of the pieces (Music Notes and Harlequin Patches) in various sizes, and edge punched the smaller piece. I then made a banner with strips of Foundations and Black Script paper, placed the Classic Type letters on the front. I added the year in Petite Type Square lettering.
In the inside of each of the pages, I used combinations of paper, Icons, Noteables and Tabloids.
On the first inner page, I used the diecuts with the Lace Spiderweb, Black Script & Foundations paper. On the second, Orange Brocade & Harlequin Patches with a Noteable.
For the second set of pages, I used Black Script for the larger piece (2nd page), and a combination of all of the papers for the first. I combined all of the diecuts as well. See how they are popped up with dimensional adhesive?? This way I can take some great photos and just stick them in the book before I hand it over.
For the last of the pages, I incorporated some of the Black Script, Black Gingham, Foundations and diecuts. On the second page, I used the Ledger, Cream Foundations and one of the Tabloids.
Here are some of the details in the book. I just loved using all of the diecuts to add more interest.
One of the most difficult thing about Halloween paper, is there is SO much cute paper, that can only really be used for one day in the year. With Authentique's Glowing Collection... This is not the case!!

When I saw the Geometric Fleur de Lis paper, I instantly thought of Thanksgiving. I don't know what it was about the design, but it made me think of the Thanksgiving table and placecards. I loved how the simple design wasn't overly "Halloweeny". I paired the patterned paper with various shades of brown cardstock, and it was perfect! Adding a woodgrain stamp, just solidified the Harvest theme and took away some of the Halloween elements.   
I stacked all of the pieces together, and used my Corner Chomper to diecut all of the edges. On each tablecard, there are five layers! Two pieces of brown cardstock, the Geometrical Fleur de Lis paper, Cream Foundations (that I woodgrain stamped) and a fussycut Fleur de Lis.

I also used the Petit Type Square letters to add a name to each of the cards. These will make the perfect addtion to my Thanksgiving table!
I challenge you to use up all of your Halloween papers this year!! Even for non-Halloween items!! Have a Glowing Halloween!

Friday, October 28, 2011

My new favorite Collection...Gathering!

I am in LOVE with the newest release from Authentique!

The Gathering collection features aqua, orange and brown! 
totally Cool!
I mean seriously...
How amazing is this poppy paper!
 or these!

For my project today, I started with these wooden frames from Michael's...only $1.00

I first painted it with brown craft paint and then using a thin layer of modge podge, adhered the background.
I then sanded the edges, added some ink and it was ready to decorate!
I made these for my daughter and her friend...thinking they will love them!
 Thanks for stopping by the Authentique Blog today!
now run and pick up some Gathering and wooden frames!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Free Bird Frenzy

It has been a Free Bird Frenzy around here! When we came up with the idea of the Free Bird Series, we knew we would be the first company to introduce 6x6 open-stock papers, and the response has proven that this was a great decision!

Traditionally, 6x6 papers have only been sold in paper bundles, or four 6x6 designs are put into quadrants on a 12x12 paper and sold as one sheet. Consumers love having the choice of whether or not they want to purchase one, two, three or even six or seven pieces of one paper design.

Created by Authentique Paper DT member Cristine Redmond

Since all of the designs in our Free Bird series are original designs, and instead of a 12x12 pattern simply being scaled down to 6x6, you truly do have a unique product created with the crafter in mind. The paper-crafting world has evolved into so much more than scrapbooking. There are altered artists, card-makers, home decor junkies, and even a new consumer who may not consider themselves to be particularly crafty, but they want to hand-make a gift or invitations to a celebration, baby or wedding shower, or house-warming party.

Created by Authentique Paper DT member Emily Lanham

The Free Bird Series was created with all of these different consumers in mind. We truly value the different styles and desires of each person, and the endless possibilities to create a hand-made project with Free Bird make this a universal product.

Created by Authentique Paper DT Specialist Charissa Miller

Just in case you haven't seen all 32 of the beautiful designs Tara and I created (I concept the lines, choose the colors, and spec out the designs and then Tara waves her magic wand and actually creates the papers in a fancy program), I'll include a few of the best-sellers, in no particular order below, and then you can always visit our website and view the entire series.

First, I'd like to introduce (or re-introduce) you to me and Tara - just so you can put a name with a face...



The Free Bird Series includes eight color schemes, each with four papers per scheme. All of the 6x6 papers are double sided (awesome pattern on the front, and coordinating solid on the back), as well as printed on our signature heavy-weight, textured cardstock! Oh, and they MSRP for only $0.35 - that's just a dime & a quarter - pocket change!

Just a little side note, and I know I may have said this before, but all of the papers are based off of this Fall's color and design trends - so get 'em while they're hot!

"Blush" FBS 103

"Comfort" FBS 107

"Delight" FBS 109

"Endless" FBS 114

"Fair-weather" FBS 117

"Fair-weather" FBS 120

"Familiar" FBS 121

"Poised" FBS 127

"Warmth" FBS 131

Did I happen to mention that we have nothing against 6x6 paper pads? In fact, we offer the Free Bird Series in "Nests" - there are four Nests total - each with two of the eight color schemes combined into one Nest. So, if you prefer, and we can't please everyone, but for those of you who aren't quite ready to set 6x6 papers free - go ahead, grab a Nest and enjoy it as well!

Moral of the story? The Free Bird Series is universal, and in my opinion, paper crafters of all skill-level can find quick & easy or more in-depth ways to use these super-rich papers! Why waste a whole 12x12 sheet of paper, or force yourself to buy a $6-8 paper pad when you may really only love or actually use a few of the designs. At $0.35 a pop, you can hoard the Free Bird Series paper and not even feel guilty!

Join the movement - indulge in the Free Bird Series, and never look back!


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Have a Glowing Halloween!

Hello Authentique fans! It's Heather with a card set, just in time for a Glowing Halloween! 

Each of these cards used pieces from the Glowing line. I used quite a bit of the Glowing Foundations, Lace Spiderweb, Ledge, Black Gingham, and Orange Brocade. 
I cut four of the same sized pieces of two papers for the base of the patterned sections, then layered them with four similarly cut papers in a smaller size. I used my Cricut for all of the diecut pieces, but you could also use a Corner Chomper and achieve the same results. I then swapped the papers for each card.
To make a little more interest with the stamped sentiment, I also diecut the paper for the stamp using the Foundations paper. I used a chalk ink and a pen outline to give the sentiment a little grungier look. Each card uses various combination's of Twinery twine, buttons, and gems

There aren't too many more days before Halloween, but there is definitely enough time to make a few Glowing cards of your own!

Card Supplies: 
AUTHENTIQUE patterned papers: Glowing-Foundations-Black Dot, Cream Solid & Solid Black, Lace Spiderweb, Ledge, Black Gingham, and Orange Brocade
Other Supplies: Basic Grey buttons, Inkadinkado stamp, Twinery twine, iRock gems, Colorbox Chalk Ink

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A look inside the Authentique Paper craft room...

I thought it would be fun today to switch things up a bit and give you an up-close look at our brand new Authentique Paper studio craft room!

We started the company a few months ago (sometimes it feels like we've been in business forever, and then I realize that we are a tender new company and I am suddenly brought back to reality) and we are thrilled with our new office space. We found a great warehouse/office park close to home, and we were fortunate enough to be able to build-out our space to our satisfaction. We wanted an open environment, high ceilings (all the way to the rafters - exposed beams and duct work), concrete floors (painted a rich chocolate brown), a brand new *clean* bathroom (shower included!), work spaces for everyone (with room to grow - which we've already out-grown!), ample warehouse and storage space (yep, we've outgrown that space too)...more photos to come in another blog post.

(this is as you walk in the front door in the main office)

The latest edition to our space (or studio as it's been referred to, which makes it sound so artsy, I love it!) was a craft room where we could escape and actually play with our products. I'll be the first to admit that Monday was my first official creative experience in the craft room. It's simple...small...but cozy and functional. It's not totally complete, but it's useable, and quite honestly, I kind of love it! My interior design background cringes to even post these photos, but whatever...I figure half-way done is better than nothing! A step in the right direction...

(the lighting is not great, but these photos make it look way worse than it actually is)

(this shelf is not actually in the craft room, it's in my office)

I snuck away Monday morning - just me, our brand new Gathering Collection, and a box of orange soda (not to drink, but to transform into a Gathering-inspired masterpiece). Was I able to create a "masterpiece", not really - but what I did make, I think, is pretty darn cute. I left my cell phone and laptop on my desk - on the other side of the office-space, far enough away so I couldn't hear my phone ring or my email accost me as it usually does on a Monday morning. Bret and Melodee had NO idea where I was, and they didn't think to look in the craft room. Ha! Joke was on them! About 12:30pm, I appeared out of nowhere, parched and a tad-bit exhausted. Seriously, I have had no time in the past few months to sit down and actually make something...with our OWN products! I am so glad I put my own foot down and forced myself to exert some creative energy.
(this was my main project - simple, yet so fun!)

Our new "Gathering" Collection is one of my favorite's to-date. I love the rich blue/teal/brown/cream with the pop of orange. When I created the color palette, I instantly knew it would turn into a beautiful Collection. Butterflies. I was in heaven.

Since we print (everything in the U.S.A.) on a heavy-weight textured cardstock, the papers are a dream to touch, and the colors have a depth that is unique to Authentique Paper. You can literally hear the scissors cut through the paper - it's a sound that is rare in this industry these days. Give it a try, you'll see what I'm talking about!

Our die-cut elements are printed on super-heavy weight cardstock, and of course, we went the extra mile and printed on both sides, so, if you aren't in love with the word-phrase or image on the front, you can always flip it over and use the shape for layering in your project. There are so many possibilities with our die cuts, and best of all - they are affordable. Yep - all of our die cut elements and stickers retail for either $1 or $2 - everyone has a buck or two, and we know how to stretch that dollar farther than you can imagine!

Okay, back to the craft room...I've been asked by a couple of people to write a blog post, or series of posts, giving you all a virtual tour of our *studio, so today I thought the craft room would be a good place to start and then over the next few weeks I will snap some photos and share the story of how this all came to be. If I knew how to video-blog, or whatever it's called, I'd share a video, but I don't know I'll do my best to learn, and maybe someday you can have an actual virtual tour of our fabulous office space. For today, a few photos of the craft room will have to do.

I'd love to see what you've created with Gathering - and if your LSS doesn't carry Gathering yet, please ask them to bring it in! I will let you in on a little Authentique insider-information - over the past week or so, we've sent samples of the new Collection to our current customers, and we are trying our best to continue to reach out to stores who don't carry our products yet.

Note to self: We are a new company, 5 months doesn't happen overnight, keep calm and carry on - keep spreading the word and eventually all of our loyal customers and fans will have a place to find our products.

Alright - I hope you all have a tremendous Tuesday - share the love and spread the word - Autumn is here and it's a perfect time to Gather with friends and family to create some unforgettable memories!


Monday, October 24, 2011

Blissful Organization Part One

Hello all! Today will be the first part of a two-part post. You'll have to wait until November 4th to see the second half, but for now you can enjoy the project I made using the Blissful collection. :)

This is the finished product! I have to admit, this is the first item of this kind that I've ever made. I probably could have done some things differently, but I'm pleased with the outcome. Now sit back and enjoy because I'm going to tell you how you can make something like this yourself!

1~ I started off with at 12 x 12 sheet of cork board, a piece of MDF cut to size, two sheets of metal (both 4.5 in x 9 in), some rubber cement, E-6000 adhesive and a piece of patterned paper from the Blissful collection.

2 ~ I cut the paper down to size and then covered the back side of the paper with rubber cement. While that was drying, I covered one side of each of the metal sheets. I let both of them dry and then put the metal on the paper so both of the rubber cemented sides were together.
3 ~ I folded up the sides of the paper and covered both sides that would come in contact with rubber cement, letting them dry, then pressing the sides down. This step was a little trickier. It was harder to get the shorter pieces of paper to stick to the metal. When I do this next time, I'll skip the cutting the paper to size bit and cut after I get the pieces glued down.

4 ~ I put the covered sheets aside to let them dry overnight. I applied the E-6000 to the MDF and the cork tile, put them together, then placed a heavy book on top to make sure the two stuck together well. Then I put those aside to dry overnight.

5 ~ The next day, I decided to make some felt flowers to embellish the finished bulletin board. Here is a quick how-to for anyone who wants to know how this is done. Cut four circles the same size and then one a bit smaller. Here, the bigger circles are two inches and the smaller one is 1.5 inches.

Fold one of the bigger circles in half...

Then fold it in half again...

Place some craft glue or hot glue at the tip (where I am pinching) and then secure it to the smallest circle. You're going to place the glued sections in quarters.

Sorry for the super blurry picture!

Once all four pieces are glued on, glue a button or other embellishment into the center of the flower.

6 ~ Now it's time to get back to the boards! I cut the cork board down to size with a serrated knife, because I had my husband pre-cut the MDF down to 10 in x 11 in to allow one inch on each side of the magnet board. Then I used the E-6000 to glue the metal sheets to the cork board.

7 ~ I used a staple gun to attach some ribbon to the back of the board so it could hang.

8 ~ I used a glue gun to add the embellishments. Add magnets and pins and VOILA! You're done! Here is the finished product again:

Thank you so much for stopping by! As I mentioned earlier, be sure to check back on November 4th for part two of this post! Also, if you want a chance to win this cute bulletin board, check out my blog,!

~ Cristine


Patterned Paper: Blissful - Pleasant (back)
Die Cuts: Blissful - Excerpts and Tabloids

Bottle Caps set
Cabochon flowers
Cork board
Dragonfly brad
E-6000 adhesive
Flat-head bulletin board pins
Glue gun
MDF board
Metal sheets
Rubber Cement
Twine - The Twinery (in Lemondrop and Pink Sorbet)
Blogging tips