Quilting with Free Bird

Hello all and happy Friday to you! It is my turn to share a tutorial with you. As I was considering my options, I thought of many things but finally settled upon the idea of making a paper-quilted card. It seems as though paper craft projects inspired by quilting have been showing up all over so this is my take on that trend.

First, you'll need a few different sheets of your favorite patterned 6x6 papers. I chose the Free Bird Endless range. Cut these papers up into 1.5" square pieces (approximately 24 are needed, depending on the size of quilted area). 

After cutting the squares, you will then cut a piece of cardstock that is slightly smaller than the card base. My card base was 4.5" x 6.5" so I went 4.25" by 6.25".

Take one of the squares you cut and place it near the top left on the diagonal. 

Then build around it placing your other squares in a line. When placing adhesive on the squares, use a very minimal amount. I did a strip of adhesive with my tape runner down the middle of each square. This is in anticipation of machine stitching and wanting to avoid gummying up the needle. 

Keep doing this until the entire paper is covered. This will involve placing some papers over the edge of your cardstock. 

Now, you will trim the cardstock and the patterned paper squares down to their original size (again, mine is 4.25" x 6.25"). 

Trim all edges of the paper until it is back to its original size. When you are finished, you will have a paper-quilted background.  

Now, use your sewing machine (or hand-stitch) to complete the quilted look. I sewed on the diagonal lines of the squares. 

Sew all the diagonal lines using a zig zag stitch from left top to right bottom. The key to keeping such straight zig zag lines is to let the machine guide the paper for the most part. Barely touch the paper as it stitches.

Once that is finished, sew on the diagonal lines from top right to left bottom. 

Once your card is finished, adhere the cardstock to a pre-scored card base. 

Finish off the card as you please. I wanted to keep mine really simple since I wanted to let the quilted background shine. 

There you have it! Thanks so much for stopping by today. Until next time!

Supplies used:
Paper: Authentique Freebird (Endless)
Alphas: American Crafts
Cardstock: Recollections


  1. Love your quilted card! And the Freebird papers look awesome! Haven't got those yet!

  2. wow this is amazing...what a fun idea...Thanks for sharing..

  3. Adorable! I just might be making one of these today!

  4. Love the tip about making sure not to have adhesive on the edges of the squares.

  5. This is completely awesome! Love your tutorial!

  6. As a former quilter, I love this idea! You are always so inspirational!

  7. Love it, Brenda! This is so gorgeous!

  8. Beautiful card! I like the tip about letting the machine guide the paper.


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