Eleven with Celebrate!

My oldest child turned 11 in January. I don't know how this happened. It's so true what they say though...you blink and they've grown. I remember wondering each day if that day would be the day he rolled over, sat on his own, slept through the night or walked and now he's so independent and only 5 years away from DRIVING!!!! He is a joy and a pain all at once ;).
I punched out and cut out stars for a garland and backed it with a contrasting paper.
Jakob has a special friend who he begs me to hang out with ALL the time (especially on snow days). Too bad Bobby's school is in the city and they don't usually have as many snow days as we do out here in the country. They have a blast when they get together. From gaming to bowling, jumping on the trampoline to building snowmen it's never a dull moment with these two.

Bobby's mom is one of my dearest friends and she took Jakob and Bobby out to eat where Jakob got a sweet FREE dessert for his birthday and then they were off to Nickle City where they played arcade games. Jakob sure is spoiled, but he makes me proud to call him my son too ;).
I used bit of paper from the Genuine Collection for behind the stars and my journaling block.

These dudes have a rockin' time together!!! I'm so glad that Bobby enjoys Jakob's company just as much as Jakob does his.

The element stickers have the greatest sentiments!
Celebrate Collection
laughter paper
happy paper
rejoice paper
element stickers
detail stickers
Genuine Collection
true paper
washi tape from washi washi
star punches


  1. great layout!i love the punched stars!what a great effect!

  2. this layout is AWESOME... I love those stars...you are so clever...

  3. I so love the colors of this collection. Your layout is fantastic and I love the punched out stars!!!


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