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Happy Friday, Authentique fans!
Shellye here with another installment of your 

I think that it's in our nature to preserve, 
restore and recycle. 
It pains me to throw away something that could still 
serve a purpose.
Case in point:  CD sleeves.
When we first bought our 'dino' computer (you know the ones
 with the 2 foot unsightly tower) in 2000, it came with a 
huge binder full of kid-related CDs...
Dora the Explorer, Sesame Street Workshops, etc.
Over time, the CDs became scratched beyond repair, 
broken or magically disappeared...this left me with a binder full
 of empty plastic sleeves!
So glad that I didn't throw them out...
here's what I did...

Pinterest Recipe & Idea Keeper

For the cover I used a 12x12 Page Protector that I trimmed
to a 12"W x 6"H are a few photos stepping it out

After trimming, fold in half (the top will be left open)
and punch two holes at the 'spine'

Using patterned papers of your choice
 (I used CAREFREE because I love the picnic look of the papers)
cut one sheet down so that it will fit nicely inside of your page protector
( I cut mine to 5.75"H x 11.75"W)
Score your paper in half and punch holes to match up with the
holes in the page protector.  Once you've established this you will be able
to begin decorating the front of the page!
Slip the completed paper into the Page Protector and machine
stitch the top closed (if desired...not necessary).
Insert two medium sized rings through the holes and add your
CD sleeves to the inside.
For fun...decorate the rings with cute ribbons :)

If you're like me, I'm constantly printing off recipes and ideas that I've 
found on Pinterest.  I love that I now have a place to put these until I can
transfer them onto a recipe card.

Add little tabs to the ends of your CD sleeves if desired.

This could easily be adapted into a photo album...perfect brag book for
a new grandmother.  Or give to a bride as a place to keep enclosure cards,
receipts, etc. The possibilities are endless with this one :)

Carefree Jovial, Radiant and Easygoing Patterned Papers
Carefree Details Stickers
Carefree Elements Stickers
Misc: doily sticker, bulletin board edging, pearls and ribbons



  1. Very creative, Amazing idea!!

  2. Wonderful idea Shellye! This is gorgeous!

  3. Fun possibilities! Keep creating...have a nice weekend~

  4. Great idea and so fun. Thanks for sharing.

  5. What a clever little idea! Thanks so much for your sweet words on my blog today Shellye, they totally made my day!


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