Authentique Road Trip - Part 2

If you missed Tuesday's blog post {Part 1 of our road trip - Authentique style}, be sure to jump back and take a look! 

The goal of our tour across Utah, Nevada and Northern California was to visit retail partners who support the Authentique brand by purchasing our products every month, as our new collections are released. To continue the recap of our two week adventure, let's get started!

We made the windy drive up Hwy 17 from Santa Cruz to San Jose to visit "the island" - Scrapbook Island to be official. We not only love Laurie from years of working together, but she has owned and operated this gorgeous store for over 10 years! She has created a home-away-from-home for many of her loyal customers, and she truly is a charming woman! 

Sam, Laurie (owner, Scrapbook Island) & Bret

During our store visit we were able to meet and greet with about a dozen ladies spending the afternoon cropping in the classroom. Below are a couple of die-hards we were able to meet!

Layouts from the talented ladies on "the island"

**Scrapbook Island is also the "home store" of Janeen Shember (Suburbngypsy)...if you don't know Janeen, look her up! She is one of the most funky, creative & talented gals we've ever met! Sadly, Janeen had to work her "day job" and wasn't able to swing by to say hello. We missed you Janeen!

Next up is a very well organized and super-cute store who has supported Authentique Paper from the beginning! We were thrilled to visit the beautiful city of Cupertino and meet Vivian and Gwen from Memories Live On. 

Memories Live On, Cupertino, CA

Sam, Vivian (owner, Memories Live On) and Gwen (a rockstar employee)

One of two...or three "Authentique" sections in the store

After Cupertino, we made the trek toward the bay area to visit one of the most talked about scrapbook stores in the country...Scrapbook Territory. This store has one of the coolest exteriors we have ever seen. Step inside, and it just keeps getting better! 

Berkeley, CA 

The front door of Scrapbook Territory

Diane, owner of Scrapbook Territory was kind enough to step away from a meeting to walk us around her store and give us a run-down of how she has been successful in this business for 10 years! She is a genuine lady and made us feel welcome in her store. We were also able to chat with a couple of employees in the store...let me tell you, Diane has done a great job training her staff, these ladies were so knowledgeable and friendly! 

Sam, Diane (owner of Scrapbook Territory) & Bret ***After standing next to Diane & Bret, (he's 6'4"!!)... I felt like I was the total "shorty" of the group (and I'm 5'8" tall)!

Our next stop was to It's Scrapbook Time...sadly, we missed Michelle (one of the owners), but we were able to meet her superb hubby, Kyle...come to find out, Kyle is quite the scrapbooker himself, making many of the page kits they sell in their store! 

Bret & Kyle (co-owner) It's Scrapbook Time, Antioch, CA 

Our last stop was certainly not the "least"...Richard's Crafts is an AMAZING craft store in Northern California. They have two locations, one in Alamo, CA and the other in Livermore, CA. This store offers the selection of a big-box craft store, but the personalized service of an independent retailer. They are a privately held company and they absolutely take pride in being friendly and helpful to all of their loyal customers! We were able to take a deep breath and visit with Linette and her excellent helper, daughter Davette. These ladies have created a dynamite scrapbooking section and we are proud to be represented by Richard's Crafts!

Bret, Davette and Linette, Richard's Crafts in Alamo,CA. 

Well, this pretty much wraps up our adventure, it was so much fun! We created memories to last a lifetime and strengthened relationships with some wonderful people. We learned many valuable lessons that will be translated into our future product offering. Sometimes in life it's hard to take the time needed to make a long trek, away from home, but each moment was fulfilling and worth more than we'll ever know.

As our company mission states, we are committed to promoting the belief that being genuine is the only way to live. We genuinely love our retail partners and consumers. We strive to create products (made exclusively in the USA) which enhance the authentic side in each of us, and we are proud to produce products with this in mind!

If you live near one of the stores we visited, next time you are there, please be sure to check out the latest and greatest from Authentique Paper. Tell them we sent you and that you read about them on our blog! 

Wishing you all the very best,

Sam & Bret
Authentique Paper


  1. What a fabulous Part 2 post!! Now I know where to hit if I'm in the Bay area :) Love the effort of following up by visiting retail customers <3

  2. What a really cool trip! I wish I could visit them all but quite a trek from here. Thanks for sharing the visits with us!

  3. Looks like so much time, pack me in your suitcase. I wanna come!

  4. I'm in awe. I can imagine how excited these owners were to meet you in person. To see the collections that you created now being displayed in all the stores..well that's got to be an amazing feeling. We would love for you to pop by and visit us up here in Canada!!! ( but don't come in the winter, lol). It really means alot not only to the store owners, but to us fans as well that you are "real" people who care about your products and your people! Cu-do's to you!

  5. Y'all are amazing! It's nice to see the smiles of store owners and workers...I know the visit meant SO much to them!

  6. Some great scrapbookstore, need to write down the names and city's for my next USA trip.
    And i think you are going for a trip next week?????
    See you with the fairytale!

  7. What a fantastic trip that not only you but the owners will remember for a long time. Glad to hear you enjoyed yourselves. Thanks for sharing the fun.


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