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I’ve heard stories of super-human strength...things like a young boy lifting a vehicle off his brother who was trapped, etc. and while I’m sure many of them are true, I’ve never looked into the details all that deeply. However, I do firmly believe in the power of positive thought and that one’s state of mind has a huge impact on outcomes. 

{Canvas with paint and paper by Angie Blom using our "Renew" collection}

As we were developing our main collections to begin 2013, we pondered how to best name them. It can be tempting to describe collections in a generic way, or around a kitchy phrase, but we felt best about sticking with the emotional purpose behind each collection. 

When we took a step back and looked at the chronological list of what we had developed... Renew, Hope, Grace, and Strong, it was clear we were feeling positive and wanted to play our part in continuing to breathe optimism into a great industry. 

{Sneak peek of a layout using our upcoming "Grace" collection}

“Grace”, is perhaps my favorite collection name, especially since it will be released around Mother’s Day. The word emotmizes the effortless sacrifice we truly admire in our mothers and grandmothers. If projects, cards and mini albums aren’t made with an emotional intent in mind, they won’t be as effective. We feel the same way about our collections. While color palettes and designs are critical, we believe the overall purpose of a collection is most important. 

{Sneak peek of our upcoming "Strong" collection} 

When we unveiled Remembrance (an elegant “sympathy” line) and Cherish (a heartfelt grandparents line) at the CHA Winter show a few weeks ago, the response from our retailers was overwhelming. I love artistic sensibility, color and composition, but I think it’s amazing when art and emotion combine. 

{Painted wood block, paper and stickers from the upcoming "Remembrance" collection}

I’d like to share a powerful personal example... this Christmas, my oldest daughter asked me what I might like as a present. I asked her to write me a poem, since she is so gifted as a writer and thinker. I wondered if she took me seriously and left to her own devices, the poem came on a canvas, painted with oil, in a way that eclipsed gift became an instant treasure. I hope you will make your own treasures with our collections.


President, Authentique Paper

Bret and his three children (June 2012)


  1. This is why I love Authentique so much. I agree that color and style is important but the message behind the collection is what speaks to me. I have loved every collection and the new ones coming out are even more fabulous. You've done it again Authentique!!!

    1. I completely agree Lynn... and the people behind the paper are just as amazing <3

  2. Wow...loved hearing this Bret. It is so interesting to see why it is you name the collections the way you do. Love this post today...thanks!

  3. Lovely sentiments Bret! I love hearing all of the stories behind the collections and the Authentique family. <3

  4. This is amazing!! Some people think that scrapbooking is just a 'hobby'...what they don't know is that with beautiful companies like Authentique, scrapbooking becomes an art, more than an art. With papers like these, the story comes alive. It's perfect! Great, GREAT job!!

  5. I love the quotes that appear on the barcode strip too. I used a Baden-Powell quote on my LO after noticing it at the bottom of the paper. Thanks for a great paper line.

  6. I love all of the new collections and the message behind them. I love your paper and stock it in my scrapbook store. Thanks for being so positive and continuing to make products that are amazing and inspirational!!!

  7. I really am just getting into the paper world. Funny how I've felt so drawn to your papers. I think I know why now.


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