Mixed Media Friday with "Grace!"

Our design team is great with mixed media projects. Today we have a couple of unique projects & tutorials from Janeen Shember & Deena Ziegler created with our "Grace" Collection
In November, we lost our beloved Saint Bernard, Daisy, to stomach cancer. Many of you may recognize Daisy - she has been featured in some projects here for Authentique Paper.
And she frequently tried to art direct me while making them.
When it came time to set her free, the staff at the hospital made a cast of her paw. I've wanted to do something with it, to create some way to remember my special girl. And I finally was ready this month, and I chose our new "Grace" line.
Daisy was not graceful. But her personality was sunny and warm and lovely. 
I love the color combinations in this collection. Lots of pinks and greens and an awesome carmel - or Saint Bernard - brown. Look closely and you'll see the edges of the papers are all torn and inked to enhance the distressed look of the paper - the paper has a great weight to it that stands up to all kinds of tearing, sanding and inking.

Look even closer, and you'll see the letter "D" is covered with a piece of "Grace". Creating your own coordinating chipboard letters is an easy trick! - See my step-by-step below.
Our girl's pawprint sits nicely along with my favorite photo of her. Paper grass edging reminds me of her love of a good roll on the lawn. The tattered rose reminds me of how she would always insist on laying under "her" rose bush, regardless of thorns. The daisies remind me of her sunny, spunky personality, and her weird habit of smelling flowers in the garden!

In January we adopted Loki, a two year old Saint Bernard. He's fitting in quite nicely and is already trying to "help" me in my crafting corner. I'm sure he'll be featured on something very soon. In the meantime, I thought I'd share how to make your own coordinating chipboard letters so you can enjoy customizing your projects and layouts, and find a great way to use up those odds and ends!
Custom Letters in 4 Easy Steps!

I have tons of chipboard letters for paper collections that have been completely used up. So I started turning them into matchable letters to go along with whatever papers I'm using.

It's so easy, are you ready?

Step 1 - Assemble your papers, letters, Glue N Seal, and Xacto knife.

Step 2 - Apply a thin coat of Glue N Seal to the front of each letter and set onto your paper. Remember that the letter's "front" needs to go face-down so you get the paper you want on the front of the letter.

Step 3 - Cut out the letters. I use scissors to do most of the cutting, then use the Xacto knife for the intricate cutting. Don't worry if it's not perfect, because...

Step 4 - Sand the edges of the letters. I use a sanding block, and also an emory board for the tighter spots. 

And there you go! 'Grace'ful letters to go along with the whole collection.

~ Materials Used ~
"Grace" collection from Authentique Paper
"Spun Sugar" and "Victorian Velvet" Distress Inks - Ranger
Glue N Seal - Inkssentials


Framed art is perfect for Mothers Day, but why not create an entire work of art... with a book! I began by painting the edges and spine of an old Readers Digest book. No need to paint the entire cover as that will be covered in paper. Don't forget to do the insides of the covers as well.
Next cover the front and back cover with patterend paper and attach it with Mod Podge. I chose the fresh clean patterns from the Grace line! What a beautiful color pallette! Next I cut a small slit in the cover of the book and slipped the ribbon through. Then tie the ribbon in a bow.

Attach a sentiment strip to the spine of the book with Mod Padge. Now wrap a piece of twine around the entire book, thread trough a botton and tie in a bow. This will keep the book closed and not block the words on the spine.

Next decorate the cover of the book with a matted photo. I used the Grace patterend papers to cut and roll the roses. Attach the roses with hot glue. Add a few Petaloo flowers as well.

Using the top of one of the Grace file folders slip that under the matted photo. Attach a button and Petaloo flower. Lastly Attach a few of the Grace stickers below the ribbon.

Now your book can stand alone and be a lovely spring decoration or Mothers Day gift.


  1. You girls rocked these projects! I love seeing your mixed media projects!

  2. Wonderful lots of inspiration

  3. It sounds like Daisy was a remarkable friend! What a wonderful way to remember her. I love all the little details that bring a piece of her spirit into the project! I can almost feel her breathing on me as I sit reading this! Beautiful project and I hope that Loki and you have many happy hours together crafting! I know he won't replace Daisy but I bet he fills a little bit of that hole in your heart! Thanks for sharing Daisy's story with us!

  4. Thanks gals! Janeen... What a beautiful way to remember your pup!

  5. Teared up reading about Daisy-my buddies always try to help me and I would be lost without them.But blessings to you for adopting Loki. Your layout is a beautiful tribute.
    The book is perfect inspiration for a Mother's Day present for my DIL-thank you.(Yes I'm very partial to making her pretty surprises.I have 4 sons and 2 grandsons-so it is a blessing to have a girly,girl in my family.)

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  7. Incredible! I am not so good with the mixed media but these ideas inspire me to try.


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