"Cherish" Quilt

I've always been amazed by quilt making- the patterns and the preciseness of creating this beautiful art form.  Unfortunately I am the first to admit that all I can sew is a button and a simple straight stitch so quilting has always been out of the question to me- at least with fabric.  I went to the Sew and Stitch Show a few weeks ago and was amazed by the mixing of patterns and decided that I wanted to translate quilting into paper crafting!

A Little Bit of Math-  Sometimes to make a great work of art, there's of course a little bit of planning and measuring (math) involved.  Just by looking at the quilts at the show I had a feeling that there would be some measuring, but was I surprised how much math there is involved- especially in measuring!  This quilt pattern is named "Waltzing Matilda" and this pattern was the Block of the Month from the Oregon Coastal Quilters Guild.  The reason why I thought that this would be a great pattern to use with Authentique's double-sided papers is because it would create some fun places to hide some great treasures underneath the triangular flaps.  It took a little bit of math with fractions and division (grrrr!) but I saved you the grief and have a few different size variations for you below.

Creating the Pieces-  There are two different pieces that make up this quilt pattern.  For a 12x12 layout you'll need four pieces of "Cherish One" cut to 3 inches by 6 inches in size (above left).  Score then fold the paper as shown above, creating the triangular flap (mint floral pattern).  Cut four pieces of "Cherish Two" papers into 4-3/8 inch squares (above right).  Score then fold the square diagonally in half as shown, then cut out half of one of the triangles.  The remaining half triangle will be folded over to create a flap (pink pattern).  The "base" of this quilt uses one piece of "Cherish Three" paper to a 10-3/8 inch square.   You'll need a minimum of a 6 inch square to fill in the middle of the pattern but I found it easier to cut this to a 10-3/8 inch square so you can use the edges of the "Cherish Three" paper to line up all the pieces when assembling.  Helpful Hints  Each set of four pieces needs to be scored and cut in the same direction/orientation for the pattern to turn out correctly!  Practice cutting and scoring with some scrap paper first to get the technique down and make sure that your flaps are all going the right way.

Add some details-  To give a little more depth to the "Cherish" paper I used Memento Rose Bud and Toffee Crunch to edge all of my cut papers just to give a little added depth to the patterns and to make the folded flaps stand out a little bit more from the background papers.  

Assemble-  To assemble the quilt pattern I found it easiest to layout the pattern completely first so that all the pieces fit together correctly and to make it go easier.  Use your adhesive of choice- I used a tape runner and found that it worked perfectly!  Once assembled you can start adding all those amazing Authentique coordinating embellishments and stickers under the flaps, corners etc- and of course your photos!

Here's the dimensions for creating your "Cherish" quilt on a smaller scale.  Cut, score and assemble to the same size as the full size version.

6 x 6 Layout (or book cover)- 4 pieces of "Cherish One" cut to 1-1/2 x 3 inches, 4 pieces of "Cherish Two" cut to 2-3/16 inches square, 1 base piece of "Cherish Three" cut to 5-1/8 inches square.

A2 size Card- 4 pieces of "Cherish One" cut to 1 x 2 inches, 4 pieces of "Cherish Two" cut to 1-1/2 inches square, 1 base piece of "Cherish Three" cut to 3-1/2 inches square.

Supplies to make your own "Cherish" Quilt

Authentique- "Grace" Collection "Cherish One, Two and Three" papers, "Cherish Enhancements" and "Cherish Components Stickers"

IMAGINE Crafts/Tsukineko-  Memento Rose Bud, Toffee Crunch

Other Supplies-  paper trimmer with scoring blade and/or scissors and bone folder or similar tool for scoring, adhesive of choice


  1. Wow John...love this! Thanks for showing us how to make it! Fabulous idea!

  2. I am loving the quilt pattern cards out there; this one is gorgeous!


  4. Oh my goodness John! This is incredible! I used to dream of quilting until my paper crafting passion took over my fabric passion (almost) so I will definitely be trying this technique! Thanks so much for the clear directions and all of the math you have done for us - I doubt I would figure it out on my own...

  5. Stunning!! I am going to have to try this one for sure.

  6. Thank you ladies! I tried to do what I thought would be the most popular sizes to save everyone from having to do math that involved fractions LOL We'd love to see what creations you all come up with- and this paper is so versatile that it works perfectly with all of Authentique's double sided papers!

    1. Hi John
      Beautiful!! I am somewhat spacially challenged lol. The triangle folded into the rectangular piece appears to be a 45degree fold, not a 90 degree fold - Is that correct?


  7. Fabulous idea!! I'll try this project asap!

  8. you LITTLE stinker! I love quilting patterns and can't wait to try this. awesome, dude!

  9. So beautiful. I love sewing themed crafts.

  10. Just love this!! As I love quilt patterns too!

  11. I want to try this (maybe for my next cards class...I'm looking for new ideas)!!! Thanks so much for the lovely inspiration piece, John...it's amazingly beautiful!

  12. Gorgeous card and thanks for doing all the measurements. So appropriate for the quilters in the family. Love quilt designs. Great job.


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