An Irresistible Mini Album

Hello!  Shellye with you today to bring a  
gate-folded mini album featuring the
Many of you will love the black and white palette as it is, but others may like the idea
of being able to customize the beautiful papers with color!  I can honestly say that I would not try this with just any paper, but with Authentique's paper it worked like a charm.

Here's a peek at the front of the album:

Now, let's begin with the how to put our gate-folded album together:
  1. Cut desired patterned paper to 6" X 12"
  2. Cut two pieces of chipboard (I used a medium weight) to 2.75" X 6" and one piece 6" X 6"
  3. Lay the two smaller pieces to each end of the paper and adhere with a strong adhesive tape
  4. Center the 6" piece evenly between the two outer pieces of chipboard (as shown); adhere  
  5. Next you will crease the paper around all four edges of the chipboard
  6. For the inside of the album, choose another piece of 6" X 12" patterned paper and cut down to match the chipboard sizes; cover each piece
You are now ready to begin with the inner-pages.  
This is a flip-up-style mini album, so any of the patterned papers will work beautifully for this.  
  1. Cut desired patterned paper to 5.75" W X 11"H; score in the middle (this is your bottom piece), so your bottom piece will measure 5.75"W X 5.5"H when folded at score line.
  2. Cut next piece of paper to 5.75" W X 10"; score in the middle so that this piece will measure 5.75"W X 5"H when folded at score line.
  3. Proceed with cutting two more sheets to 5.75" X 9" and 5.75" X 8" and scoring in the middle of each.
  4. Next, score each set 1/4" from the top (non-scored end) as shown below:
  1. Measuring from the outside, punch two holes at the top (non-scored end) of each paper (you will see more detail below).  
  2. Use one of these papers as a guide for hole placement to the back of the album; punch holes.  
  3. Begin decorating each page!

  Use the Enhancement paper to dress up areas for journaling...they also work well for photo mats too.  To change things up (especially if you have a 'color' theme going) cut colored cardstock for mats as well.  

I kept the embellishments very neutral by using clear adhesive gems (ZVA Creative), silver accents or black and white ribbon.

 Notice how when each patterned paper has been folded over, you still receive the correct direction for a flip-up style book :)  I also carried through with the pink watercoloring on some of the inner-pages.

Once all of the pages have been decorated, line them up so that the holes are aligned.  
Tie ribbons through the pages and the back of the album.  You could also use rings or large grommets to hold the pages together!
Now for adding color:

My new "love" are Faber-Castell's Watercolor Pencils.  These glide on smoothly and blend well with a plain blending tool or paintbrush.

Finally, I added some distressing to the edges with Memento's Tuxedo Black ink and a sponge.  I wanted a very soft look, so I dipped the sponge into the ink and dabbed some off before applying it to the edges.  Just pick up a little more ink as needed and then blend.

How does this little gem stay put together without gaping apart?
Two extra-extra heavy magnets that were attached to the inside flaps.  Be sure to use an E-6000 adhesive or very strong, permanent bond glue dot to hold them in place.  If you have a really powerful magnet, it will give your adhesive a run for its money ;)

Another look at the front cover dressed up in Petaloo pretties

This is my first gate-folded album...I look forward to doing more and I hope that you'll give it a go too!
Thanks for joining me at Authentique Paper today :)
Authentique Paper Products: Irresistible Collection- Formal Paper; Allure Paper; Engage Paper; Stunning Paper; Passion Paper; Enhancements Cut-Apart Paper; 6X12 Components Stickers

Hampton Art Stamps: Authentique Paper's Footloose Stamps

Other Products: Petaloo- flowers; Imagine Crafts- ink; Faber Castell- watercolor pencils; ZVA Creative- gems; Curtsey Boutique- paper doily and butterfly


  1. I love this album! Thanks for the tutorial.

  2. This is stunning. I like how you added the pink to the black and white. That front cover is so beautiful. Bravo.

  3. This is beautiful! A perfect wedding gift. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Gorgeous and stunning. Love the color accents added to the B&W. But Irresistible is gorgeous all on its own. Great tutorial and project.

  5. What a stunning mini album. I love how your change the formal "Irresistible" papers with the water color pencils.

  6. The black, pink, and white look amazing together. I also LOVE the ribbon. Nice!!

  7. Thanks so much for showing us how to make your mini album. The black and white and delicate pink are a beautiful combination. Thanks for the inspiration.

  8. Beautiful combination of colors! Thanks for the tutorial - I'm saving that so I can make my own :)

  9. Absolutely beautiful. No more words needed...

  10. Gorgeous, I immediatly wanted to make one but I can't understand what you have done with the pages, How is the paper keeping the correct direction? I have an 11" strip of paper sticking out of the bottom of a 6" album. Help! I really want to finish it because this was such a lovely idea.

    1. Shellye asked me to respond (she's not by her computer this weekend), She said the inner papers are to be scored in the 11" paper needs to be scored in half so it will measure 5.5" (and remaining papers need scored in half as well). Hope that helps! :-)

    2. Thank you for your speedy reply that is what I have done. I have then scored the short edge (5.75") and punched the holes, but why have we scored the 11" edge so that it is 5.5", are we supposed to fold the page in half before punching the holes? Are the pages doubled over to fit in the album? If so, how does the direction of the paper remain the correct way up? I am very sorry but I am missing a step somewhere and cannot work it out. Thank you for helping me.

    3. Hi Kathy! Let's see if I can help (I hope!).

      Okay, all of your inner pages are going to be the same, 5.75" wide.

      The pages are staggered in height to create a waterfall look. You will not score anything from the 5.75" side.

      For the bottom page: Cut a 12X12 paper across at 5.75". Next, cut that paper on the 12" length down to 11". Turn the paper and score the 11" length in half at the 5.5" mark. FOLD IN HALF. This paper should now measure 5.75" wide X 5.5" high.

      Next, place the folded end towards you and score the OPEN END 1/4" from the top; fold as shown in the photo above. This fold just helps the pages to bend more freely. You should notice that the patterns now (when flipped up) should be going in the right direction.

      Proceed with the following inner pages as above. The only difference will be that you'll be decreasing the cuts 1" each time (so 10", 9" and 8"). Just score each of those in half lengthwise so you'll have 5", 4.5" and 4" papers that are folded. Each side will be an actual page in your album.

      I hope this helps...I'm away on vacation or I'd take more step out photos for you :) Let me know how it goes!

    4. Oh My goodness, its obvious now. I completely missed that the papers were folded in half.
      I now feel very silly. Thank you so much for helping me, it is such a lovely idea I really wanted to make it.

    5. Oh good! I'm so glad, Kathy :) Thank you!!

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  12. where exactly do the magnets go, (on the inside flaps) do you have a picture of them adhered to show us?


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