"Thrilling" Trick or Treat Bucket

Hi everyone, it's Audrey, here sharing a fun Halloween project idea with you today featuring our adorable new collection, Thrilling.

Whenever I'm at one of the big box craft stores, I always check out the unfinished wood section for unusual items to alter, like this little wooden bucket. Most stores change their selection out seasonally, so there's always something new and different to see, and I love that the pieces are inexpensive, too. Perfect for creating home decor projects on a budget!

If you've ever tried to cover shaped objects with patterned paper, you may know that it can be a bit difficult to get the paper to lay straight and flat. This bucket may look perfectly cylindrical, but it does taper towards the bottom. Try to wrap paper around an sloping surface, and you'll know what I mean. But I've got an easy tip for dealing with uneven objects like these.

First, paint the entire surface of the bucket with black acrylic paint, both inside and out.

Measure the width of the center space you want to cover in paper and cut a strip of patterned paper to size. Instead of trying to wrap the piece in the one long strip, however, try cutting the strip into smaller pieces, as seen here. The size of the small pieces may depend on the extent of the slope of your wooden object. The more angled the shape, the thinner the paper strips should be. For this bucket, which only has a slight difference from top to bottom, I cut 1.5" strips.

To ensure the paper will stay, adhere the strips with a strong tacky glue. Adhere the first piece, then line up the second, overlapping as necessary to keep each strip straight. Continue to apply strips until the entire surface is covered.

Cut a very thin strip of paper to adhere to the wooden handle. Affix decorative trims to the top and bottom of the bucket.
 Spritz a canvas tag with Tangelo Fireworks spray ink. Add the skeleton postage stamp sticker from the Details sticker sheet to the center of the tag. Since this is a home decor project, and I want the sticker to remain permanently in place, I added a bit of machine stitching across the top and bottom of the sticker to keep it secure.
Lightly swipe a black ink pad around the edges of the tag, and tie the tag to the bucket handle with several trims. Affix a black velvet flower to the center of the bow.

Fill the bucket with your favorite spooky items and top with a flag pick made from an inked coffee stirrer stick dressed up with Halloween sticker banners.


Authentique Thrilling Collection:
Moonlit 12x12 Paper
6x6 Bundle
Details 12x12 Sticker Sheet
Canvas Tag: Maya Road
Flower: Petaloo
Trim: May Arts, Webster's Pages
Ink, Fireworks Spray Ink: Tsukineko for Imagine Crafts
Wooden Bucket: Craft Supply
Paint: Delta
Other: Wooden Coffee Stick


  1. This is too cute!! Where did you get those skulls???

    1. Thanks, Dria! Glad you enjoyed! Those skulls are spooky cool, aren't they? They are actually plastic beads, but I'm not sure where they originally came from. My mom gave those to me as a gift several years ago...

    2. Thanks Audrey!
      LOVE your fun creations...keep them coming!

  2. Audrey, this is project is to cute to be spooky.

  3. This project is simply spook-tacular!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Oh, this is cute and spooky at the same time! Such a wonderful project!

  5. SPOOOKY!!!!!! very cute and a great idea love the skeleton heads where did you get those I want some lol thanks for sharing and have a great week.

    1. Haha! Those skulls seem to be very popular! They are fun, aren't they? They are actually plastic beads....several years old. Unfortunately, they were a gift, so I don't know where they originally came from, or even if they are still available anywhere...

  6. BOO-tiful bucket - thank you for the inspiration :)

  7. awesome project. The tiny skulls are the perfect touch

  8. This is so cute! I was just browsing the site and wondering if a winner was ever announced for the "Thrilling" blog hop?


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