Pack Your Suitcase with "Abroad"

Hey everyone, it's Hilary here today with a fun travel project using the new collection from Authentique called, "Abroad".  When I was a lot younger I was lucky enough to visit Paris and Scotland, but sadly since then, I haven't been out of the country.  My travels have kept me here in the US, but this little suitcase that I created will keep my hope alive, as I hope to fill it with photos and memorabilia from around this beautiful world.  I hope you enjoy, and below, I'll show you how I created the suitcase.

This turned out exactly how I envisioned and the papers and embellishments from the "Abroad" collection were simply perfect for this project.

I enclosed the suitcase with a ribbon enclosure and a simple tag that's easily removable.

I embellished the entire suitcase with destination die cuts, stamps, stickers and a few buttons.

Here is the inside of the box.  I love the "memo" paper, it's just perfect for the inside 'lining' of a vintage suitcase, (and those photos there are the mountains of Colorado, where I vacationed several years ago). 

Okay, would you like to know how I made the suitcase?  It's made entirely of paper, no chipboard, so it's nice and easy. 

I started with two pieces of pattern paper, for each side of the suitcase.  So for two sides, you will need four pieces.  Cut each piece 7 1/2" x 9 1/2".

Then if you're lucky enough to have a score board, (which I do not, so I score the old fashion way), score each side in 1 1/4".  Do all the way around, all four pieces. 

You will then need to cut in on one of the score lines as shown above, then adhere top pattern paper to bottom pattern paper, this one side will then become extra sturdy for your suitcase. 

Turn in the corners as shown above, and really crease and fold your edges, use a bone folder if you have one.  The sharper the edges, the more it will look like a suitcase. 

Then hot-glue the edges in.  It's as simple as that! :)  Do this for both sides of the suitcase, and when you are finished you should have two sides. 

This next piece, and I apologize for not having a pic, but what I did was cut a strip of paper 7" x 2 1/2, then scored it down the middle, added some red-lined tacky tape, then this piece, gets adhered to the inside back of the suitcase.  It will join the top and bottom of the suitcase together in the back.  I hope that makes sense, I really thought I photographed that step.  

Your suitcase should now be together, and it should open like a book.  To reinforce, because I really don't ever want this to fall apart, I cut yet another strip of pattern paper, the same size as above, 7"x 2 1/2", scored it down the middle again, and adhered it to the bottom of the suitcase. 

Next, cut corner pieces from "Foundation One", 1 1/4" x 2 1/2", score, adhere to the box, punch holes, and add black brads.  This will hide your corners and make it look finished.  

Continue around all the corners attaching with brads as you go.  For the handles on the top.  I found some older velveteen handles from 7 Gypsies that I thought would be perfect, I really only wanted to add one, though my suitcase wouldn't open if I added one in the middle, so I added two handles, one to each side, punched holes at the end, then attached with brads as well. 

Finish by adding destination die cuts from "Travel", "Detail Stickers", "Stamp Blocks", and "Titles & Phrases", from the "Abroad" collection.  Secure suitcase with a ribbon with a black clip,  and add a fun tag.  

I hope you enjoyed my project today, this was so much fun to make, and I hope it inspires you to create one of your own.  :)

Products used: 
Authentique Paper-  "Abroad":  "Travel", "Memo", "Route", "Foundation One"
Also used from "Abroad":  "Details Sticker", "Stamp Blocks", "Titles & Phrases"
Other-  Vintage Photo distressing ink, sandpaper, black mini brads, black buttons, metal tag, ribbon, velveteen handles, black belt clip, black dotted ribbon, bone folder, red line tacky tape, Tombow Power Bond adhesive and hot glue.


  1. Absolutely beautiful!! Well done!! :)

  2. Hilary, it's so beautiful! and you added these little details like corners, love it.

  3. Wow, such an amazing idea and this turned out completely gorgeous!

  4. This is fantastic, love the papers you used and the embellishments... it just looks so real !

  5. Amazing - love all the details!


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