Thursday, March 20, 2014

Enjoying Every Moment "Flourish" Mini Album

In a couple of weeks, we are celebrating a huge milestone event in our house, my daughter's big 16th birthday! Although the date hasn't happened yet, we've got some really fun things planned, and I have a feeling I'll end up with tons of photos of the big event. So in thinking ahead, I decided to make her a special mini album to hold all her precious mementos and photos using Authentique's gorgeous new collection, Flourish.
Mini albums are the perfect choice for scrapping lots of photos from a single event, like my daughter's birthday. But it can be tricky trying to gauge exactly how many pages you might need ahead of time. That's why I like to make my own albums from scratch, with a simple system like these binder rings. That way, you can add pages as you go, and can even go back later and add more pages if needed.

Creating your own mini album may sound like a big task, but it's actually really simple to do, and only requires a few papers and basic supplies you probably already have on hand. Better yet, handmade albums are way cheaper than the store-bought variety, and can be completely customized to suit your theme. A definite plus, in my book.

 For my album, I used 4x6 panels of chipboard and paper to create my pages, but you can easily change the size or shape of your own album to suit your needs. I love the look of kraft paper, so I left a strip of raw chipboard showing on my cover, and created a fun little pocket to fill with paper confetti. It adds an unexpected touch of whimsy to my album that makes me smile, and it's really easy to do. Here's a few simple steps I used to make my album covers.

For strength and durability, I used raw chipboard for my covers. Start by cutting two panels to size, then edge each piece with gesso or white acrylic paint, and allow to dry completely. For the front cover, cut a 1.5" x6" strip of clear transparency sheet, and holding the transparency flush with the right edge of the top cover, carefully machine stitch around three edges, leaving the top open.
Using a basic 1/4" paper punch, punch lots of 1/4" circles from a variety of Flourish papers. Slip the circles into the top opening of the transparency pocket, before stitching the opening closed.
Add patterned paper to the left side of the cover. I used a couple of different prints for mine, and then added some pretty flowers to the top corner that I cut directly from one of the papers.

Add a banner sentiment sticker from the Details Sticker Sheet to the bottom of the cover. Let the tail ends hang off for now, and simply fold them over to the back side of the cover once you've added some patterned paper first.

Wipe an embossing powder tool onto the backside of the Details butterfly banner sticker to remove the stickiness. Then adhere banner to the top left corner using foam adhesive for dimension.

For the inner pages, I used a combination of simple 4x6 paper panels, mixed with some 4x6 pocket pages. I figured the pockets will come in handy for storing mementos, journaling tags, or even extra photos.

For my title page, I simply added patterned paper to the back of the chipboard cover, folding the banner tails over from the front side. At the top, I added a couple of patterned paper strips, cut into simple banners, along with a bit of faux washi tape from the Details Stickers. Some simple date stickers finish things off.

Here's a peek at the rest of my pages.

Interspersed between my pocket pages, I added simple 4x6 panels using a variety of pretty Flourish papers. To give my pages a bit of strength, each page is comprised of two 4x6 panels of paper, adhered together and machine stitched. I added a few strips of journaling pages in between some of the larger pages, dressed up with fun Details cardstock stickers.

The pocket pages are embellished with the same paper confetti treatment I used on the front cover. Here's a few tips for creating them.

Cut 4x8 panels of patterned paper, and score the panel along the long side at 6 inches. Cut a 4x2 panel of transparency sheet, and holding it in place over the small bottom flap, machine stitch around three sides, leaving one side open to fill with confetti. Fold the bottom flap up, and continue stitching around the panel.

Add paper and stickers to the back cover. Punch holes in the sides, and secure the album pages together with binder rings.

Now you have a simple handmade album that can grow with your needs.
Authentique Flourish Collection:
24 sheet 12x12 paper pad"enhancements" cut apart 12x12 paper

"details" 12x12 sticker
Authentique Promise Collection:

"diction" mini word stickers
Transparency Sheet: Grafix

Stickers: WeRMemoryKeepers, American Crafts, Little Yellow Bicycle
Die: Prickley Pear Rubber Stamps
Journaling Cards, Stamp, Candy Buttons: BasicGrey

Trim: The Twinery


  1. How pretty and what fun she will have adding in the photos. Love this idea!

  2. Oh, this is wonderful! I just love the festive colour palette!

  3. Love it... I need to learn to sew...

  4. Audrey, this is absolutely gorgeous and sure to be a keepsake!

  5. Beautiful mini! Love the clear pockets and all the lovely details!


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