An 'Elegant' Dress

Hello again Authentique fans!  Out of all the latest collections from Authentique, I found that the 'Classique: Elegant' collection was the most befitting for a dress form.  I just loved the colors & the whole 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' feel this paper line had.  So you can say that the paper was what inspired me to create my very first dress form.
This dress form measures approximately 12" inches in height & it was quite a find for me & in the most unlikeliest of places.  I found this particular wire dress form at a party supply store around the corner from my gym.  Who would've thought a party supply store would carry dress forms!?  Well, turns out this particular one did just that.

As previously mentioned this was my very first dress form and I literally 'winged' the whole design of the dress.  I had an idea, a vision in my head and it took me a few hours to translate my vision into a reality.  In the end I created a sort of 'cone' shaped design as the bottom part of my dress.  With this cone shaped approach there are other fancier ways one can make this dress but since this was my very first attempt--I decided to keep it simple.
The back of my dress was designed by complete accident.  You see that fan shaped design that ended up being the tail of the dress?  Well, that was originally supposed to go on the front of the dress.  However, when I completed the fan it just didn't look 'right'.  So off came the fan & it sat on my desk as I completed the rest of the dress form.  The light bulb for adding the fan as a tail to my dress didn't come until this project was pretty much completed.  I just didn't want to throw this little fan away & wanted to somehow incorporate it into my dress.  After much fuddling this fan ended up looking just right as an embellishment to the back of my dress.
Around the waist I added a floral vine, a large black & white silk flower, stick pins & ribbon.  The top part of the dress was embellished with a bit of black pearl string and a piece of white lace.
I hope this project inspires some of you to try something new.  This was a completely new experience for me & it certainly will not be my last dress form!  I hope to try more dress forms in the near future.  

In my mind this was my tribute to the movie 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' and to the main actress of the movie--who also happens to be a fave of mine--Audrey Hepburn.  

Enjoy the rest of the week!
Products Used:
Authentique Paper: Classique: Elegant Collection
Other: Wire Dress Form, Ribbon, Silk Flower. Lace Trim


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