Designer Week- Get to know Hilary & Keely!

This week is "Designer Week" here on the Authentique Paper blog! We want to showcase all of our amazing designers and we thought our fans may want to get to know the people behind the amazing projects featured on our blog.

Hilary Kanwischer

We don't know how Hilary does it, she works very long hours at her full time job as a firefighter and still comes home and cranks out some of the most amazing projects that we have ever seen. She is a true talent and a very kind & giving person. We are incredibly delighted that we crossed paths with her and are able to share her amazing projects with all of you! 

10 random fun facts:

1.  My favorite color is blue
2.  I once swam in the 53 degree water of the Colorado river.
3.  I was adopted when I was 6 days old and in 2008, I located my birth mom.
4.  I could leave my home decorated for Christmas all year long.
5.  I jumped from an airplane and I highly recommend it.
6.  I used to compete in horse shows.
7.  I'm secretly obsessed with Dunkin Donuts  iced Carmel lattes!
8.  My dream is to move to Vermont and open a country store.
9.  I love all things crafty and vintage!
10.  And last but not least....Today is my 20 year anniversary with the Fire Department!

My Favorite projects created with Authentique Paper products:

Hilary's Crafty Space:


Keely Livings

We've been a huge fan of Keely's work for a while. Since we discovered her during a blog hop with Want2Scrap, we have had our eye on her! Finally, when we had an opening, we knew she would be the perfect person to fill the gap in our team! She is just as sweet as her smile shows in photos and we love having her on the A-team!

10 random fun facts:

1. I'm an Advanced Practice Nurse by day.
2. I love being a homebody
3. My favorite color is RED
4.  I collect Santas and get a new one every year for my birthday 
5. I love working out and running 
6. I love iced coffee and drink it everyday
7. I love to sing but can't carry a tune with a bucket
8. I'm technologically challenged
9. I'm the proud mommy of 2 teenaged boys and 3 puppies
10. I love everything vintage

5 must have tools for crafting:
Distress Ink
Scor-Tape two sided craft tape
Microtip scissors
Self adhesive bling 

3 of My Favorite projects created with Authentique Paper products:

Keely's Crafty Space:

We want to offer up a little prize pack to a lucky fan! Simply come back each day this week and get to know more of our design team, leave a unique comment and you are entered to win! 


  1. Welcome girls! It is so nice to get to know you. Your paper projects ROCK! I can't wait to see your next reveal.

  2. I envy and am amazed at the wonderful craftings these ladies do! Inspirational!

  3. Can I have Hilary's! Great projects ladies.

  4. such fun and unique projects--thanks for sharing all of the ideas!

  5. Hi Hilary:
    Love your snowman project!

    Hi Keely
    Love your house project!

  6. Love the 3D projects!
    Welcome guys!
    Carla from Utah

  7. Such amazing projects by the girls and what fun to get a peek into their crafting areas!!!

  8. This was such a great week of meeting all the new designers and getting to know them a little. A little jealous of all these wonderful craft rooms! I cannot wait to see what the new year's creative team brings us :)

  9. Love all of the decorative things Hilary choose for her favorites. those are the types of projects I like to do.
    Keely did some wonderful things too.
    thanks to both of you for sharing.

  10. I absolutely love your work! Your projects are all so beautiful and inspirational!

  11. Stunning creations by both artists <3

  12. Gorgeous projects! Hilary I love that little village!

  13. Очень интересно было посмотреть!!

  14. Gorgeous projects ladies! Awesome scrap space too!

  15. Congrats ladies to the Design Team. Love all of your projects shown here and can't wait to see what next year brings.

  16. These projects are simply amazing! You two are very talented!

  17. Gorgeous projects Hilary amend Keely!! I love Hilary's snowman and Keely's fabulous house.

  18. Beautiful projects by Hilary and Keely! Love that darling snowman Hilary made, and Keely's awesome house project! Thanks for a peek into their craft areas too!

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  20. Wow! Hilary & Keely - such amazing &detailed projects. I'm in awe!

  21. Awesome projects Keely and Hilary! Love getting to know you better!

  22. My brother is a firefighter too Hilary. Thanks for your service to your community.

  23. Awesome creations. Love that you have this small space to create and design. It just goes to show you didn't need a massive room. It's nice to meet the designers. It gives you a different perspective on their creations.

  24. Thanks for sharing! I love learning about designers and seeing their spaces...clean and messy!


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