"Lucky" Home Decor

Good morning! A few weeks ago I created this fun "Lucky Us" home decor using a couple of pictures of my girls and the Lucky Collection. Today, I am going to show you how I created this piece.
All of the layers of the Lucky Collection are prominently displayed against the black and white photographs.

To start, I created a file using my Silhouette. You could easily achieve similar results using manual die cuts, or even a craft knife! The base of this piece is simply a sheet of 110# white cardstock, with four hearts and a stem shape cut from it. I also cut this down to 8x10" in order to fit within the frame.
I then created a frame for the outside of the white cardstock using the hearts, then welding those shapes together. 
To create the inner heart shape, I selected only the hearts from the frame, then added smaller hearts.
By deleting the larger hearts, I was left with the inner frame.
The last piece cut using my Silhouette was the "Lucky Me" phrase. For this and the "Lucky Us" phrase, I used a combination of phrases all from the Silhouette Online Store.
Once all of the pieces were planned out, I started my cutting. I have found that if I plan everything out, then cut, it takes far less time.
Here are all of the pieces. There are two pieces that are simply handcut.
The very inner section of two of the hearts, and the stem. For both of these pieces, I simply traced the negative space of the white frame and cut the pieces larger than those sections. 
I started the process by running the thin frame through my Xyron 9" Creative Station
Once the adhesive was on, I carefully placed it onto the top of the white 110# cardstock. Other than the title, nothing else goes on the front.
Then, run the white frame through the 9" Creative Station. This makes the back sticky, so all of the other pieces will adhere to it.
The first piece that I adhered to the back was the stem. Because the top of the stem was so thin, it was important to do this piece first. 
The rest of the pieces were also run through the 9" Creative Station before being adhered to the back of the home decor piece.
Most of the piece is complete! By keeping the decor piece on the waxed paper, it won't stick to your work surface.
A pair of small photographs (these are both about 3x3") are perfect sizes to fill the last two hearts. Since everything on the back of the decor piece is sticky, they will stay in place easily. 
The back may be messy, but another piece of 8x10" cardstock will cover any of the sticky pieces and protect the photographs.
Once the decor piece was complete, I used my Xyron 3" Sticker Maker to adhere the title pieces. 
Once the title was placed, frame the home decor piece and display prominently in your home!
Thanks for checking out this tutorial. I cannot wait to see how you use the Lucky Collection.
Supplies Used:
Authentique Lucky Collection (Lucky One, Lucky Two, Lucky Three, Lucky Four, Lucky Five, Lucky Six, Components 6x12" Cardstock Accents, 6x6" Bundle)
Other Supplies: Xyron 9" Creative Station, Xyron 3" Sticker Maker, Silhouette, frame, 110# white cardstock


  1. This looks wonderful! Such a clever idea!

  2. So cute and adorable. It's a great piece of home décor. Great tutorial on how to make the layout. Nice work. Thanks for sharing

  3. Such a great home décor piece, Heather! I love how you added those b/w pics :)

  4. Beautiful design!!! A family heirloom!


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