Announcing "Moonlit" by Authentique Paper

Like "the little black dress," our Moonlit collection pairs traditional color and classic design in stunning arrangement! It's what a woman brings to the the dress that counts and and a classic look allows her to outshine what she wears. Hence, we want to give you a classic, sit back and watch you do your thing!  

The excitement and anticipation of revealing our 2015 Halloween collection is about to kill us and we can't keep it secret any longer. We are pleased to present one of our all-time favorite Halloween collections, "Moonlit." 

The name "Moonlit" was inspired by the graveyard side design paper (you'll see it below). In our search for a quote to accompany the line, we found one instantly. Everything about this collection seemed to flow. 

To cap off our classic design approach to Moonlit, we used distressed solids, or tone on tone patterns, to the backs of each of the 12 papers. We added a few coordinating stickers (a 12x12 Details sticker along with our staple Petite Type and Petite Diction) and decided this one was ready! 

 "Network" 12x12 Paper- MNL001
Reduced scale spiders in webs / Black and grey dot

"Pretend" 12x12 Paper- MNL002
Iconic collage on antique white / Orange distressed solid

"Scaredy" 12x12 Paper- MNL003
Orange and black scaredy cats / Black scratch distressed solid

"Ghostwrite" 12x12 Paper- MNL004
Gothic script writing / Antique white distressed solid

"Masquerade" 12x12 Paper- MNL005
Orange and antique white mosaic / Orange tone on tone dot

"Ravel" 12x12 Paper- MNL006
Classic stripe / Black and white mini dot

"Miscellany" 12x12 Paper- MNL007
Multi color mini diamonds / Black and grey dot

"Rummage" 12x12 Paper- MNL008
Smiling jack-o-lanterns / Orange distressed solid

"Shadow" 12x12 Paper- MNL009
Graveyard side and border design / Black scratch distressed solid

"Gossamer" 12x12 Paper- MNL010
Black and graphite lace / Antique white distressed solid

"Specter" 12x12 Paper- MNL011
Happy Halloween web top design / Orange tone on tone dot

"Enhancements" 12x12 Cut Apart - MNL012
Vintage greetings 3x4 cut apart cards / Black and white mini dot

Petite Type Stickers - AUT100

Petite Diction Stickers - HAL001

Details Sticker - MNL013

6x6 Bundle - MNL015

Collection Kit - MNL014

12x12 Paper Pad - MNL016

"Moonlit" is so new it isn't even in the hands of our Design Team yet, so please stay tuned for many inspiration projects to come!

Be sure to you follow us on both Instagram (@authentiquepaper) and Facebook, we often run contests and random giveaways and don't want you to miss out on the fun!


  1. in love with the spiderweb papers and the vintage elements!

  2. Oh my goodness. What a fabulous and fun collection. Love the distressed colors and those scaredy cats are adorable as are the fabulous stickers. So much more fun that the purple and orange. Love this.

  3. What a wonderful collection! We don't celebrate Halloween in Holland, but I can still think of a million opportunities to use these pretty papers :) Love it!

  4. Another Beautiful Collection! Authentique is my favorite paper!

  5. Oh snap! This paper is going to have to be a must-have for my Halloween cards!!!

  6. Your Halloween line is always par excellence!


  7. Gorgeous collection! Love the vintage images!

  8. You've become my go to Halloween people. This does not disappoint! You've nailed it again. I love that the new year's collection always works well with the last one.


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