Announcing "Tidings" by Authentique Paper

It has been said that Christmas is not a time or season, but a place in the heart. Since we missed the memo about Christmas being moved from December to July, we are pleased Calvin Coolidge gave us this reminder. No matter the time of year, we are always brainstorming and designing products for the season. Truthfully, we love it!  

Our first holiday release of 2015 was inspired by the desire to bring things back to pure artistic design. With the myriad of Christmas collections available, we feel there is a gap and need for truly versatile patterns and scale. Our "Tidings" collection is a kraft base with traditional colors and patterns. 

Authentique Paper Christmas collections are all created using consistent "base" colors - red & green, so go ahead, mix and match papers from previous collections! After all, consistency from a brand is what we crave. As with all of our collections, the quote sums up the overall message for the line. As you start to think about the holidays and the meaning of the season, we hope you are drawn to this collection and remember the quote below.
An overview of the 12x12 double sided pattern papers
Below is a closer look at each paper and the coordinating stickers...remember, we are taking things back to basics, so we kept it simple as far as add-ons to the line!

"Tidings One" 12x12 Paper- TID001

"Tidings Two" 12x12 Paper- TID002

"Tidings Three" 12x12 Paper- TID003

"Tidings Four" 12x12 Paper- TID004

"Tidings Five" 12x12 Paper- TID005

"Tidings Six" 12x12 Paper- TID006

"Tidings Seven" 12x12 Paper- TID007

"Tidings Eight" 12x12 Paper- TID008

"Tidings Nine" 12x12 Paper- TID009

"Tidings Ten" 12x12 Paper- TID010

"Tidings Eleven" 12x12 Paper- TID011

"Tidings Twelve" 12x12 Paper- TID012

"Enhancements" 12x12 Cut Apart- INF013

"Details" 12x12 Sticker- TID014

Petite Type- AUT300

Petite Diction - CHR001

 6x6 Bundle- TID015

12x12 Paper Pad- TID016

Collection Kit- TID017

"Tidings" is so new it isn't even in the hands of our Design Team yet, so please stay tuned for many inspiration projects to come!

Be sure to you follow us on both Instagram (@authentiquepaper) and Facebook, we often run contests and random giveaways and don't want you to miss out on the fun!


  1. As a paper addict, I say "LOVELY!" And thank you for saying that you encourage mixing and matching from past collections - sure do wish other companies would keep that in mind! I'm sure that this collection will be at home with me for the holidays!

  2. Gosh, this collection looks absolutely amazing! I love the traditional Christmas colours mixed with kraft. It has such a lovely vintage feel to it.

  3. Wow, what a lovely atmosphere and a warm light mood is created immediately - you just look at these magic design!!! Great paper!

  4. Gorgeous collection. So full of wonderful designs and those beautiful and subtle colors that infuse you with the spirit of the season. Love that they can be used with other collections as well. Fabulous and wonderful collection and sure to be a must in any crafter's stash including mine.

  5. Another FANTASTIC range.... LOVE IT! :)

  6. Wow, what a stunning collection! Love the softer and vintage colors and theme!

  7. I like it! That is wonderful that you design your collections with mix & match through out the years in mind.

  8. I like it! That is wonderful that you design your collections with mix & match through out the years in mind.

  9. I like it! That is wonderful that you design your collections with mix & match through out the years in mind.

  10. Love it!! Can see me using it for Christmas, everyday and for hubby in his pursuit of deer hunting.

  11. LOVE this! Perfect for my Christmas albuM!


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