Announcing "Nestled" by Authentique Paper

Our newest range, "Nestled" was inspired by the outdoors and our natural surroundings. The designs are not so much a fall weather theme, but we drew our inspiration from classic icons associated with cozy things. Cute animals, natural wood, fabric and autumn florals are the basic elements used in the paper patterns. 

The designs are brought to life even more because this collection is printed on our signature heavy-weight textured cardstock. The colors are rich and overall the papers feel absolutely luxurious! Let's jump right into the reveal of the collection!

And now for an up-close look at each element in the line...

"Observations" 12x12 Paper- NES001
Woodland animals with stitched faces / Cut tree rings

"Hearty" 12x12 Paper- NES002
Crochet hearts / Flour sack stripe

"Wise" 12x12 Paper- NES00
Natural bark woodgrain / Broken multi-color chevron

"Targeted" 12x12 Paper- NES004
Multi color arrows on blue / Blue and slate woodgrain

"Prepared"  12x12 Paper- NES005
Annual calendar with side flourish / Small scale leaf pattern

"Scurry" 12x12 Paper- NES006
Woodland animals and flowers / Floral geometric

"Comfortable" 12x12 Paper- NES007
Repeating natural wood rulers / Orange and gold flannel plaid

"Tender" 12x12 Paper- NES008
Seed packet collage / Sweet flowers

"Enhancements" 12x12 Cut Apart - NES009
3x4 cut apart cards / Light blue herringbone 

12x12 Details Sticker- NES010
Over 100 cardstock stickers - beautifully designed and intricate!

6x6 Bundle - NES011
Reduced scale patterns...and this 6x6 paper pad is printed on our signature heavy-weight TEXTURED cardstock

Collection Kit- NES012
The collection kit includes 16 double sided pattern papers, an Enhancements cut apart paper and the 12x12 Details sticker sheet

12x12 Paper Pad- NES013
24 sheets of double sided 12x12 pattern paper

"Nestled" is so new it isn't even in the hands of our Design Team yet, so please stay tuned for many inspiration projects to come!

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