We Are Family Tri-fold Mini with Legacy

On Mother's Day my husband decided to take several pictures of me & my son.  It's been a while since our last photo session.  Once the photos were all taken I knew I wanted to display a few of them at my desk at work.  While prowling Pinterest I came upon a tutorial for this type of tri-fold mini album that I felt would serve the purpose of displaying several photos & take up little space on my desk.

So with the new 'Legacy' papers I got to work & here's the end result.

The tri-fold measures 9 1/4" inches high by 3 1/4" wide when closed.  I hold it together with ribbon.  Here's the back of the tri-fold where I included two photos I took of my husband & son.  You know I had to include my husband in here somewhere.  :-)

In this photo you can see the tri-fold standing up which is how I plan to display it on my desk.

I've included one pocket on the back that holds my journaling & one decorative tile that displays the definition of 'memories'.

A side view of the tri-fold.  Here you can see that the mini is quite simple & is composed of mountain & valley folds.  When opened it's a type of accordion display.

The covers are made with medium weight chipboard.  Light weight chipboard can also be used.
Finally, here's the front of the mini.  As you can see my husband captured me & my son in many different poses.  In the upper left hand photo you can see my eldest & very furry child Toby.  He just HAD to be in at least one of the photos since the whole time that this photo session was going on he was crying in the sidelines.  Even though he's a dog he seems to know exactly what a camera is & he loves to pose for pictures.

You can find the tutorial for this tri-fold here.  It's a PDF document & the visuals are helpful.  The tutorial is in French.  Good thing I took French for three years in college!  I certainly had to dust off my French for this one.  I've provided my translation of the tutorial below.


Covers - (2) measuring 9 1/4" inches high by 3 1/4" inches wide
Paper to Cover the Covers - (2) measuring 10 1/4" inches high by 4 1/4" inches wide.  Leave 1/2" an inch border around the covers in order to properly adhere the papers to the cover.

This is for the inside of the tri-fold mini.  The dashed lines are fold/score lines.  Solid lines are cut lines.  
Measurements - (1) 12" inches wide by 9" inches high.  
Score at: 3", 6" & 9" inches
This will give you four 3" inch panels.
Insert the paper with the 9" inch side facing the top into a paper cutter.  At the 3" inch mark & starting at 1 1/2" inches cut all the way down to 10 1/2" inches.  Flip the paper over & repeat the same step on the opposite side. 
Finally fold the outer panels valley, mountain, valley, mountain fold.  Fold the small inner panel in the opposite direction from the outer panels--mountain, valley, mountain, valley.  You can find photos for these steps in the PDF tutorial.


Products Used:
Authentique Paper: LegacyCollection, Legacy Components
Ribbon:  May Arts
Other: Felt Flower, Mulberry Paper Flowers, Fabric Flower, Metal Corners


  1. What an awesome project! So very clever and pretty!

  2. I just finished making 2 of these. I just love them. They are going to make great Christmas gifts. Thanks for sharing


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