Friday, October 30, 2015

Count Down To Halloween featuring "Moonlit"

In honor of Halloween, we have a very special guest with us today! Rebecca Lawther has joined us in the past and we are pleased to bring her talent back to the blog today with some spooky cute "Moonlit" projects! 

When you think of Christmas, you think of creating an Advent calendar to count down the days. Many people are just as excited to celebrate Halloween, so who would have thought to create a Halloween advent calendar? Well, Rebecca did, and we think it's amazing! 

 Using “Moonlit” Halloween paper this 3’ x1’ wall hanging shelve.  Each wood shelf is filled with all kinds of boxes, bags & pumpkins to tuck treats in. I have added a thin black oiled wire to give it just a bit more “spooky” feeling!

She also created this fun centerpiece, very cute and convenient to store little treats! 

We hope you all have a very happy & safe Halloween! 


  1. I think partially because I work with so many newbies and feel like somewhat of a Yoda/mother hen hybrid toward them, but also because I'm far enough removed from my first year now to think about it without experiencing PTSD. Robert Nguyen

  2. Wow, this is simply spooktacular! I just love it!


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