Announcing "Charmed" by Authentique Paper

As Shakespeare said, we bear a charmed life.  With the success of our Lucky collection in 2015, we are excited to introduce a new line, appropriately named "Charmed."

100% Made in the USA, "Charmed" contains six double sided 12x12 papers, custom-milled, matte finish cardstock stickers and cardstock die-cut accents which make this collection approachable and easy to use! Charmed is available in stores now, so check with your favorite online or local store today!  

Charmed One- CHA001
Daisy and clover flower bunches / Mini green dot

Charmed Two- CHA002
Celtic know clovers / Green tone on tone dot

Charmed Three- CHA003
Bingo cards / Green gingham

Charmed Four- CHA004
Mini shamrock and clovers / Vertical multi color stripe

Charmed Five- CHA005
Argyle plaid / Brown mini clover vertical stripe

Charmed Six- CHA006
3x4 and 4x4 cut apart cards / Interlocking circles pattern

Details Sticker- CHA007
12x12 matte finish cardstock stickers

Components Paper Accents- CHA008
6x12 cardstock pre-cut accent sheet

Classic Type Sticker- CHA009
5x8 overall size cardstock stickers -- adorable gingham pattern!

6x6 Bundle- CHA010
24 sheets of 6x6 reduced scale designs, double sided!

Collection Kit- CHA011
12 sheets of double sided pattern paper, Details sticker, Components accents and Classic Type sticker

12x12 Paper Pad- CHA012
24 sheets of 12x12 double sided pattern paper

Check back soon for "Charmed" inspiration projects from our design team! 

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  1. LOVE the greens, and the cute patterns. I've never seen anything like it. Old fashioned and fun!

  2. Oh!!! Going to have to have this!!

  3. Love to get my greedy lil hands all over this collection...a must have!!!

  4. Green is my favorite color and I'm a little Irish so I, of course, love this so much!

  5. This collection is seriously stunning! I don't use green very often, but it looks amazing in this collection.

  6. the green tone, cream with blue really is eye catching... all the best in 2016

  7. Charming! THis is just lovely! Must son always used to try and catch a leprechaun so I totally love this!

  8. I love this collection! With the last name of Murphy I can put the Charmed collection to good use!

  9. Loving all the green! Great collection!!

  10. The absolute best,most perfect St. Patrick collection ever. I swore I was not any new paper this year. I lied. Seeing this made me smile and my mojo start cooking. Thank you!

  11. This line is great! I love the patterns and the various shades of green are beautiful. Nice!


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