Thursday, April 14, 2016

Everlasting Wedding Keepsake Canvas

With wedding season right around the corner, we thought it would be appropriate to share an altered-art project created by DT member Erica. Our "Everlasting" collection, released last spring, is timeless. The colors used are black, white, cream and grey, and are beautiful when used alone, or you can add the color or colors of your choice to personalize and give a pop of color! The stickers and cardstock accents are themed around wedding, anniversary and all things love! And now, on to Erica!

Today I’m sharing a canvas I altered using Authentique Paper's "Everlasting" collection. This collection is absolutely gorgeous! I love the classic black and white color palette, it offers versatility so you can add pops of any color to match your photos or palette! 

I started with a 5"x12" canvas and layered several sheets of the 12x12 pattern papers. The patterns are so beautiful when used together. They are not too overwhelming or "loud" so you truly can layer them one on top of another without it being too busy. 

I also added a photo and several of the "enhancements" 3x4 cut-apart paper. I use the cut apart paper in many of my projects, they are ideal for card making, layouts, mini albums and of course, altered art projects like the canvas being shared today.

Next, I added lots of texture - lace, pearls, ribbon, tulle, etc., just to give some dimension and visual intrigue.

Finally, I added floral stems, leaves and flowers as the finishing touch to my canvas.

If you haven't added this collection to your paper stash, you should. Much like the "little black dress" classic patterns are always in style and useable for projects year-round, no matter the occasion!

To purchase, visit your local scrapbook store or shop one of our valued retail partner's websites. (click the company name below and it will direct you to their site) This is not a complete list of online retailers.

Supplies used: Authentique Paper "Everlasting" collection "enhancements" 12x12 paper, "components" 6x12 cardstock accents, collection kit, 12x12 paper pad - 24 sheets

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  2. I love your beautiful wedding project!! How perfect for the happy couple to display this in their new home! Love the black and white to go with whatever home decor colors they have!! Very versatile!

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