Monday, September 25, 2017

'Bewitched' Fold Out Tag Mini Album With Tutorial

As promised in a previous post--today I'm bringing to you a second Fold Out Tag Mini Album but this one comes along with a tutorial!  For this mini I've used the papers from the fabulous 'Bewitched' collection.  

I absolutely love Halloween!  I dare to say that I may even enjoy it a tad more than Christmas.  Gasp!  I would have to say that it's because of the Season that it falls in which is Autumn--hands down my fave Season of the year.  I love those crisp mornings, the beautiful colors of the leaves & you have to admit that that morning coffee tastes a whole lot better in Autumn!
This mini is slightly bigger than my first one made with the 'Beginnings' collection.  That is because I used a die to make the paper bags that compose the pages of the mini.  This mini is fairly versatile & can be customized based on the size of paper bags used as the pages.  I talk more about this in the video tutorial (which I feel I talked too much about) but I was trying to be as thorough as I could be while still getting through the tutorial itself.

Just like the 'Beginnings' mini--I've used a belly band as a closure & there are 6 pages.

For this mini I decided to add one extra detail to it which are little pockets to every other page in the mini.  I just wanted additional spots for tucking mini tags & little knick knacks.

Finished mini measures 2 3/4" x 4 3/4" inches and the spine measures 1" inch.

Each paper bag holds one tag.  I've left the tags blank because they are to be primarily used for storing photos.  This mini can hold up to 12 slightly cropped wallet photos.  Standard wallet photos measure 2 1/2" x 3 1/2".  The photos would fit perfectly on the 3 1/2" side but they would need to be cropped about 1/4" of an inch on the 2 1/2" inch side to comfortably fit onto the pull out tags. 

Just like the 'Beginning's mini--this mini can be viewed by flipping the pages like a book or they can be pulled out into a version of a cascading mini album.

Here's a brief video showcasing the mini.

Below you will find the tutorial.  These minis are quick to make, are versatile & make for great gifts and/or keepsakes.  Enjoy!

Supplies Used: Bewitched 6x6 Bundle, Bewitched Detail Stickers, Other - Tulle, Mini Pine Cone, Chipboard Embellishments, Mini Pocket Die

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