Friday, September 15, 2017

Planning for the Holidays

Hello! Daniela Costa here with my take on "Creative Planning" here on the Authentique Paper Blog!

Have you always wanted to be a "Planner" or "Project Life" Girl?  I know I have tried more than a few times to start both these "ongoing" projects and have never kept going.  Now that Planning is a huge trend, I thought I could incorporate both Project Life with Planning.  Having darling products like "Bewitched" or "Bountiful" to use, I think its a huge WIN!  What I've done is made a simple Travelers Notebook using the darling Bewitched line, and added a Calendar Spread, then made lots of places for Journaling and Photos. I made my own paper clip embellishments here using the Sticker Sheet and bits of left over paper.  I found some fun Gold and Black paper clips and with some simple glue, whalla! New embellishments!

Using the Bewitched lines Sticker sheet just fills the book with random bits of goodness and I can't wait to get started!  I'll be making many more of these.. as you can see in this first picture, I'm ready for November too!  I'll share that in my next blog post along with a few Christmas Planners too!  I love the aspect of being able to "marry" the two hobbies to make it work for me, and with Authentique Papers my creative side gets workin too!

I hope I have set up my Creative Planner so I'll be successful in following through each month.  I am super excited to start, I'll post more updates on my blog and you can follow along with me HERE .  I've added lots of fun ribbons and twine to match.  I'll use 3x3 photos and the photo mats are ready.  I also have plenty of space to journal about my month.  I'm not the best at journaling, but I think this will work!   I'll be teaching this workshop at my LSS and hope I can inspire you to start documenting your life using super cute products!

Thank you so much for following along my Creative Planner!  Daniela Costa Daniela Costa The Art Life 925-639-5881 Facebook Group:

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