A 'Stitches' Pop Up Quilt Mini Album

Today's project was driven by the paper collection itself.  I was stuck for a bit in figuring out the best project to make with the 'Stitches' collection.  On YouTube I ran into this video that I found interesting.  The way the page looked when unfolded reminded me of a quilt.  So with that idea--I took inspiration from the video & created this pop up 'quilt' mini album with the 'Stitches' collection. 

The mini measures 6 1/4" x 6 1/4" inches & has a 1" inch spine.  The covers & spine are made out of light weight chipboard & the mini is held closed with ribbon.

I won't lie--this project was an on-the-fly project & involved many, many mistakes--to the point that at one time, I had given up on this project & put it aside.  I had an idea in my head & it took me several failed attempts to finally achieve kind of what I wanted.   I'm saying 'kind of' because it's not quite just right.  Next time I'm going to make the gussets between the pages bigger.  They're 1/4" inches & I feel that they should be wider--maybe 3/8" of an inch.  

Because of the numerous obstacles I encountered & the fact that I had to stop & start a couple of times--I do not have a tutorial for this mini.  However, now that I have a prototype, I can create one if needed.

I kept the cover simple.  I used one of the images from the collection as my focal point--then added the bird, mini spool, flower & wooden button to dress it up a bit more.

To summarize, I created four of these pop up pages & created this album.  On the last page, I kept it simple by just creating a fold out page.  You could probably have more pop up pages--but for my first try, I kept it to four. 

Each 'quilt' pop up page opens up to a full 12" X 12" inch page.  Each square on the page measures 3" x 3" inches--so these squares can hold photos measuring approximately 2 3/4" x 2 3/4".   

The squares do not necessarily have to be all for photos.  You can create mini belly bands, mini pockets--you can display quotes or sentiments on them.  In the video that I reference at the beginning of this post--you'll notice that the creator put mini envelopes into a few of the 3" x 3" inch squares which I think is a really cute idea for storing journaling inside.  I may have to try that the next time I create this style of mini. 

Behind each pop up page, I created a pocket page where cut aparts, tags, journaling, photos & any sort of memorabilia can be stored.

I decorated each pop up page to simulate a quilt.  At least that was my intention. :-) 

I left the center of the quilt blank because this is meant for a picture.  The center square measures 4" x 4" inches.  So a 3 3/4" x 3 3/4" inch photo cut diagonally into 4 pieces would fit nicely here. When the page is unfolded--it'll display the 4 pieces together resulting in one full picture--it's almost like a puzzle that just falls into place.

Here's the last page which I designed to be different from the others.

Below is a video showcasing this mini.  Since the pop up pages unfold to be a full 12" x 12" inch page--they're hard to photograph...so I created a video walk through.


Supplies Used: Stitches Collection, Other - Light Weight Chipboard, Fabric Flowe, mini wooden spool, wooden button, bird embellishment


  1. Very nice. I particularly love the quilt idea. Please show us how to do the page fold.
    Thank you for sharing,

  2. I would love a tutorial!!! PLEASE!!

  3. A tutorial would be awesome ...this is a great design :-)


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