Companions Home Decor to Celebrate your Furbaby!

I found this great mini wood crate and I thought I'd alter it, and make inserts for all my current, past, and family dogs and cats!  The Companions Line is so adorable and perfect for both Dogs and Cats.  I personally only have dogs, but one of my best friends, Sharon has a beautiful cat named Dewey.  I've made an insert for Dewey as well.  There are tags, cards, and even a little journal to write notes and place more photos.
As you can see, I've also altered the crate by adhering pieces of the paper to the sides.  I've then wrapped coordinating ribbon around the ends for fun! 

Below you can see just 3 of the tags that are in the crate.  Each one features a different furbaby that I've loved! You can see the Boston Terrier in the first photo and that's my daughter's dog, but she gets to have playdates all the time at our house.  In the middle is my tag for Dewey, isn't he the cutest!?  Then on the right is our new Ginger girl.  She is just adorable and I'm loving the crazy puppy stage.  She's starting to lose all her teeth now! 

The insert on the left is my little journal.  I've made two inserts and it even has elastics in it to hold the inserts.

On the right, is a large tag that has the story of the relationship between my beloved Roxie, and Stella.  Its definitely two women and they have a love/hate relationship.

I also have an insert for a dog we've lost, and I'll continue to make new ones as I have pics of my favorite furbabies in the world!  This piece will be out on the coffee table or displayed prominently so everyone can pick up tags and read little quirks or stories about each of the animals in our lives.  I hope you celebrate your furbabies as much as I do!   Oh by the way if your wondering, I own one of those Polaroid Zip Printers that prints pics this small.  They are darling.  I have a ton of fun with these little photos, you can find them almost anywhere.
I will keep adding to these tags and filling the mini journal with all of Gingers Stats.  Companions is so much fun, I've only just started to play, can't wait to make more with this darling line.  


  1. You have given that wood box a transformation! Love it!


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