Poised Perfectly Portfolio by Daniela Costa

Have you jumped on the "folio" craze yet?  I think I'm super late to the party, but I wanted to start on my own, play with them, then finally design my own.  Here is my first public folio!  I've used bits and pieces of various videos I've been watching online, and used the gorgeous POISED collection!

It's a huge folio with so many flips, flaps, pockets and photo mats... I just had to make a walkthrough video.

I absolutely love this collection! It's uplifting, it's inspiring and its got the best images!

The Folio album measures about 7x9.  I've put a hole in the spine to add the elastic to keep it all closed.  But wow, this puppy is large!

These albums are a process and you need to be able to dedicate an entire day to making it, but they are really worth it when you're done.  I really would love to add photos and journaling of my mother and grandmother in here.  

There are so many photo mats and little hidden pockets, so much fun to put together and decorate.

The sayings in this collection are amazing "Beauty is power, a Smile is its Sword".. Just beautiful and perfect.

Another great saying from this collection!

"There is beauty in everything". I love this one! 

I had such a blast putting this huge Folio Album together using the Poised Collection.  I hope you'll take a day, follow along a tutorial on how to make one and GO FOR IT!  It takes patience and time, but you'll enjoy the process.
Have a great day everyone, 


  1. Love it! The paper color is what caught my eye. Great job!!!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! I hope there will be a tutorial for this one. I would not mind paying for it at all. Your combination of colors is so well thought out. Really like it. This would make such a beautiful gift for someone. Thank you for sharing your talents. Blessings.

  3. Is there a tutorial for making this mini album please :)

  4. Hi. Could you BIG please tell me or direct me to a tutorial on how you attach your pages to the spine?

  5. Lovely project. A tutorial would be great please, would pay !!


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