A 'Mister' Dimensional Star Mini Album With Tutorial

For today's project, I have a slightly different twist on the traditional 'star' mini album.  I've seen this type of mini album countless times in both Pinterest & YouTube.  However, a dimensional or 'pop up' version of this type of mini isn't as common.  

I saw photos for this particular style on Pinterest but could never find a tutorial for it.  So I recreated it 'my way'.  I'm happy with the end result.  At least it 'looks' like the photos I've seen.  So as far as I'm concerned "mission accomplished"!  :-)

For this project, I've used the 'Mister' collection.  A masculine themed collection that I absolutely loved working with.  I'm surrounded by men in my house.  So these sort of collections always works for me.

In addition to the dimensional photo mats, I've added pockets, belly bands & flaps to the pages of this album.  There's much room within this mini for storing photos, journaling and any other sort of memorabilia.

The photo mats are designed to store 3" x 4" inch photos and/or wallet sized photos (2 1/2" x 3 1/2" or 2" x 3" inches).

This mini album was a bit difficult to photograph but I was able to capture a decent photo from the top.  Here you can see from where this mini gets its name from.  When viewed from the top, one can see the 'star' design the album forms once open.

This mini album is meant to be put on display on a shelf, table, desk etc...

The photo mats are removable.  They can be removed from the base of the mini by gently sliding them out from their holding place.  The key here is the word 'gentle'.  The base of the mini is card stock after all.  So it can rip or tear if handled roughly.  However, the idea of this mini is that once the photos are added there really will not be a need to remove the photo mats anymore--but if needed, it can be done!

Though the mini album is meant to be put on display--it does fold closed for flat storage.  When closed this mini measures 6 1/2" x 4" inches.

Below you'll find two videos.  One showcases the mini & the other is a tutorial showing how the base of this mini is made.


Supplies Used: Mister Collection, Mister Elements Card Stock Stickers, Other: Jute Twine


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