First Day of School Notecard Set with the Scholastic Collection

School starts for us in just under two weeks. Both of my girls are super excited, and just a tad bit nervous. This is a great project for those first days of school, and will give your kiddos (no matter their age!) a little boost of confidence. The Scholastic Collection was the perfect collection for this project.
I started with this little card. I had already cut up the cut aparts from Scholastic Seven, and just cut the sentiment in half so that it fit on the card nicely. The card is cut using a scalloped rectangle die and a simple rectangle cut from Spectrum Mustard Seed
For a little bit of flair, I also added in the Yay! from another die cut. Using dies is a great way to add in just a little bit of fun to simple projects.
The best part of this project is the fabulous lined paper on the back of Scholastic Two. I love how it reminds me of yellow legal pads. 
I even wrote this little encouraging note. If you use a darker paper, or a pattern that is a little busier, just use a metallic marker or Sharpie. 
The second note is for my other munchkin. It's a fun banner die, also using the paper from Scholastic Two. You could easily make something similar using a scoreboard and swapping out the die cut for a rosette. The center was created using a die cut sentiment and backed with Spectrum cardstock in Old Glory.

These little cards are going to be a hit with  my kiddos, and I know that yours would also like a little reminder that you are thinking about them throughout the school day.
Good luck on the first day of school!
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