The Calendar Collection! NEW!

If you haven't heard the news of our new Calendar Collection, where have you been?!? A couple of weeks ago we released an amazing, well thought out, inclusive and universal line of papers titled, The Calendar collection.

4 papers per month for a total of 48 papers...just the right amount, and exactly what you need to get the most out of every month of the year!

Each month includes the following papers:
- Images - No words, just beautiful images to highlight the specific month
- Patterns - A classic image or icon on the front side (think hearts for February, raindrops for April, flowers for May, etc) and a must-have plaid as the back side!
- Sentiments - Quotes, icons, smaller cut-apart pieces and a blank calendar!
- Solid - perfectly, we mean perfectly matched distressed solids, two colors, one on each side of the paper.

Of course, we've consolidated and offered a Paper Pack per month: January, February, March, April, etc...AND 5 different 12x12 Paper Pads: one for each "type" of paper, i.e. Images (2/ea of the 12 monthly Images papers), Patterns (2/ea of the 12 monthly patterns & plaids), Sentiments (2/ea of the 12 monthly Sentiments papers), Solids (2/ea of the 12 solids) and FINALLY, least but NOT last...a "Complete" 12x12 paper pad...1/ea of the 48 different pattern papers, all in one amazing, jumbo pad!

Last, but not least, BLANK Calendar Sets - 13 heavy-weight, 100# cardstock...make a calendar, get it bound at your local copy shop or use your personal binding machine..create gifts, use as a scrapbook layout background, etc., etc., etc.!

Here's an overview of the papers by month...indulge your eyes, they're all incredible!













Now that we're through the Open-Stock pattern papers, here are the bang-for-your-buck Monthly Paper Packs: 

12x12 Paper Pads (as described above), but here's an overview:
Images 12x12 Paper Pad - 2/ea of the Images papers from each month, 24 sheets

Patterns (& Plaids) 12x12 Paper Pad - 2/ea of the Patterns papers from each month, 24 sheets

Sentiments 12x12 Paper Pad - 2/ea of the Sentiments papers from each month, 24 sheets

Solids 12x12 Paper Pad - 2/ea of the Solids papers from each month, 24 sheets

Complete 12x12 Paper Pad - 1/ea of ALL 48 papers - over 200 cut-apart pieces!

 6x6" Bundle

The BLANK Calendar Sets are superior quality to what is currently on the market. 13-month blank calendar sets in TWO sizes - 8x8 & 12x12! Heavy-weight cardstock, printed only on one side so you can bind and make a real calendar. No specific month is listed, so you can customize for any year and month. WOW!

Blank Calendar Sets

We can't wait to see the variety of projects, home decor, cards, albums and scrapbooks made with this unique and genuinely "Authentique" collection!


  1. Am so glad that you decided to put out a calendar set since I make my own calendar sets each year! Love your choices of papers and combinations!! LOVE your company's papers so much!!

  2. Where are the depictions of black and brown people?


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