A 'Cottontail' Double Waterfall Mini Album

Happy Easter everyone! I hope everyone had a safe Easter & made the best out of this situation that we're all going through. I've found that the main comfort is knowing that we're all going through this together.  Hang in there folks, keep moving forward towards that light at the end of this long dark tunnel...

For today's project, I have a waterfall mini album made with the adorable 'Cottontail' collection.  The album measures 6 1/2" x 5" inches when closed & has a belly band closure.

The belly band closure is decorated with fabric & mulberry paper flowers along with a pastel blue resin Easter egg.

I wanted to bring out the pastel colors in this collection. I did so by adding solid card stock in a variety of different pastel colors throughout the album.

There are two waterfalls inside the mini album.  Both of them have the same amount of pages & have the same measurements. The only difference is that one waterfall opens to the right & the other waterfall opens to the left.

Each waterfall consists of six pages.  Each photo mat can store photos measuring up to 4" x 3" inches. These photo mats were ideal for displaying the cut-aparts that come with the collection--in fact, that's what I've used for decorating the front of each waterfall page.  I've left the back of each waterfall page blank. If only the back of each page is used for storing a photo--then each waterfall can store up to five photos for a total of ten photos.

On the reverse side of the bottom waterfall, I've created a large pocket.  Inside the pocket there's a 4" x 6" cut-apart. I've decorated the border of the pocket with an easter egg design that I fussy cut from one of the 3" x 4" inch cut-aparts.

In the center of the album, I've included a simple two page waterfall.  This waterfall can store photos measuring up to 4" x 6" inches. 

Each waterfall is held closed with a belly band.  Each belly band is decorated with a slider made with card stock stickers that came with the 'Cottontail' collection.

Below is a video walkthrough of the mini album.  Enjoy & take care my friends!

Supplies Used:
Paper - Authentique Cottontail Collection, Card Stock Stickers - Authentique Cottontail Collection, Other - Fabric Flowers, Mulberry Paper Flowers


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