A 'Voyage' Folio Mini Album

For today's project, I've made a folio style mini album with the nautical themed 'Voyage' collection.  The folio measures 9" x 7" inches and has two 3/4" inch spines. The base of the folio is made with light weight chipboard. 

The mini album is held closed with a large belly band.  The belly band is decorated with a wooden dolphin embellishment & both fabric & felt flowers.

The inside of the folio consists of three parts. The two outside pages of the folios are decorated with a waterfall. The left hand is a vertical waterfall while the right hand is a horizontal waterfall. The waterfalls are held closed with a decorated paper clip. Both waterfalls are meant to store 4" x 6" inch photos with minimal cropping. 

There is a pocket page in the folio consisting of three angled pockets. Inside each pocket there are matted 4" x 3" inch cards.  There's also one large tag inside the largest pocket. The large tag measures  6" x 8" inches.

Each waterfall has four pages. The front of each waterfall page can hold 4" x 6" inch photos (no cropping necessary). The back of the vertical waterfall can hold photos measuring up to 4" x 5 1/2" inches. The back of the horizontal waterfall can hold photos measuring up to 3 1/2" x 6" inches.

The middle page of the folio has a double matted 3" x 4" inch card plus two matted 4" x 6" inch cards that flip open. 

On the back of each 4 1/4" x 6 1/4" inch photo mat a 4" x 6" inch photo (no cropping needed) can be stored.

This middle page flips open revealing a large 4" x 6" inch pocket with two tags. 

On the inside bottom of this middle page there are four matted 3" x 4" inch cards. 

Each card can be flipped open revealing a place to store photos measuring up to 3" x 4" inches--these additional photo mats can also be used as areas for journaling.

Below is a video walkthrough of this folio mini album. Enjoy!

Supplies Used: Voyage Collection, Other: Ribbon, Washi Tape, Paper Clips


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