An 'All Star - Dance' Pop Up Star Mini Album With Tutorial

For today's post, I'm revisiting the 'Pop Up Star Mini Album' that I made a few months ago with the 'Purebred Pets' collection--you can find my original post here.

This time, I've used the 'All Star - Dance' collection for this project. I felt the 'pop up' element for this album went along nicely with the dance theme of the paper collection. I was also able to provide a tutorial on making the pages for this album. You'll find the link to the tutorial at the end of this post.

This style of mini album is meant to be on display on a shelf, desk or table--but it can also be stored closed.

The album measures 7 1/2" x 6 3/4" inches when closed. Since it's a 'star' style album; it has five 'pop up' pages. 

The black clip seen in the picture above is what's used to keep the album open when on display.

I kept the decorating of the album along the same lines as what I did for the 'Purebred Pets' album. The one major change I did is that I created pocket pages in this album which I did not include in the 'Purebred Pets' album.

There are several places throughout the album for storing photos, journaling, small mementos & keepsakes & several other memorabilia.

I used blue paper clips decorated with lace & red tulle for keeping the flaps included in this album closed.

The binding of the album is done by adhering each page to the other with hinges & in turn, creating large pockets. There are four pockets--inside each pocket there's a large tag measuring 7" x 7" inches.  Each tag is also a pocket itself--in essence there's a pocket inside a pocket if that makes any sense! :-) What I'm saying makes a whole lot more sense in the video walkthrough provided at the end of this post.

This album is a bit difficult to photograph--which is why I created a video walkthrough.

Below is a both a video walk through of the album & a video tutorial on how to make the pages.  Thanks for stopping by, stay safe & enjoy!

Supplies Used: All Star - Dance 12 x 12 Collection, All Star - Dance 6 x 6 papers.  Other: Black Clip, Paper Clips, Washi Tape, Tulle


  1. Kay, this mini-album is fabulous! Your tutorial was so helpful to see the step-by-step creation. As a visual learner, I always appreciate this. tfs-stay well.

    1. Thank you! Glad to hear it helped. Stay safe!


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