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A 'Swaddle' Baby Boy & Baby Girl Exploding Box With Tutorial

For today's project I have my very first try at an exploding box.  I've used both the baby boy & baby girl versions of the 'Swaddle' collection for these projects.
I got the idea for this sort of exploding box from a YouTube video that I saw promoting a die that cuts this style of box.  The origin of the die is in the United Kingdom.  I loved what the die did & I searched for it here in the states--but was not able to find it.  I found a shop in the UK that would ship worldwide but found it a bit costly to have it shipped here.  In the end I decided to try my own version of what this die creates & these boxes would be the end result.
It's a bit more work but I like how they came out.  What I like best about creating your own--is the flexibility of this project.  You can make the boxes bigger or smaller--you'd just have to adjust the measurements based on what size box you decide to make.

The boxes measure 4 3/4" x 4 3/4" inches & are …

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