Blissful Organization Part One

Hello all! Today will be the first part of a two-part post. You'll have to wait until November 4th to see the second half, but for now you can enjoy the project I made using the Blissful collection. :)

This is the finished product! I have to admit, this is the first item of this kind that I've ever made. I probably could have done some things differently, but I'm pleased with the outcome. Now sit back and enjoy because I'm going to tell you how you can make something like this yourself!

1~ I started off with at 12 x 12 sheet of cork board, a piece of MDF cut to size, two sheets of metal (both 4.5 in x 9 in), some rubber cement, E-6000 adhesive and a piece of patterned paper from the Blissful collection.

2 ~ I cut the paper down to size and then covered the back side of the paper with rubber cement. While that was drying, I covered one side of each of the metal sheets. I let both of them dry and then put the metal on the paper so both of the rubber cemented sides were together.
3 ~ I folded up the sides of the paper and covered both sides that would come in contact with rubber cement, letting them dry, then pressing the sides down. This step was a little trickier. It was harder to get the shorter pieces of paper to stick to the metal. When I do this next time, I'll skip the cutting the paper to size bit and cut after I get the pieces glued down.

4 ~ I put the covered sheets aside to let them dry overnight. I applied the E-6000 to the MDF and the cork tile, put them together, then placed a heavy book on top to make sure the two stuck together well. Then I put those aside to dry overnight.

5 ~ The next day, I decided to make some felt flowers to embellish the finished bulletin board. Here is a quick how-to for anyone who wants to know how this is done. Cut four circles the same size and then one a bit smaller. Here, the bigger circles are two inches and the smaller one is 1.5 inches.

Fold one of the bigger circles in half...

Then fold it in half again...

Place some craft glue or hot glue at the tip (where I am pinching) and then secure it to the smallest circle. You're going to place the glued sections in quarters.

Sorry for the super blurry picture!

Once all four pieces are glued on, glue a button or other embellishment into the center of the flower.

6 ~ Now it's time to get back to the boards! I cut the cork board down to size with a serrated knife, because I had my husband pre-cut the MDF down to 10 in x 11 in to allow one inch on each side of the magnet board. Then I used the E-6000 to glue the metal sheets to the cork board.

7 ~ I used a staple gun to attach some ribbon to the back of the board so it could hang.

8 ~ I used a glue gun to add the embellishments. Add magnets and pins and VOILA! You're done! Here is the finished product again:

Thank you so much for stopping by! As I mentioned earlier, be sure to check back on November 4th for part two of this post! Also, if you want a chance to win this cute bulletin board, check out my blog,!

~ Cristine


Patterned Paper: Blissful - Pleasant (back)
Die Cuts: Blissful - Excerpts and Tabloids

Bottle Caps set
Cabochon flowers
Cork board
Dragonfly brad
E-6000 adhesive
Flat-head bulletin board pins
Glue gun
MDF board
Metal sheets
Rubber Cement
Twine - The Twinery (in Lemondrop and Pink Sorbet)


  1. How cute Cristine!!! I love your little felt flowers too! I've become a big fan of making different kinds of felt flowers and I've never seen these! Thanks for the tutorial! :-)

  2. so so cute... I love this felt flower idea... I might just have to try it... Thanks for sharing...

  3. Very cute! Love that it's cork and magnet!

  4. Really cute! Love how you showed the steps!

  5. I am with the others that say, LOVE THE FLOWERS! I am soo trying those!! Very cute project!

  6. Love both this project and the flower tutorial, Christine...beautiful!

  7. What a fabulous project Christine!! Thanks for the directions... the felt flowers are fabulous! New to your blog, looking forward to seeing part 2!

  8. Thanks for sharing this post with us...its really very informative....Super Glue or Cyanoacrylate.

  9. Most of the glue sticks come in the normal clear colored type, but the sticks can also come in a variety of colors ranging from black, glitter and colored glue sticks.


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