Free Bird Frenzy

It has been a Free Bird Frenzy around here! When we came up with the idea of the Free Bird Series, we knew we would be the first company to introduce 6x6 open-stock papers, and the response has proven that this was a great decision!

Traditionally, 6x6 papers have only been sold in paper bundles, or four 6x6 designs are put into quadrants on a 12x12 paper and sold as one sheet. Consumers love having the choice of whether or not they want to purchase one, two, three or even six or seven pieces of one paper design.

Created by Authentique Paper DT member Cristine Redmond

Since all of the designs in our Free Bird series are original designs, and instead of a 12x12 pattern simply being scaled down to 6x6, you truly do have a unique product created with the crafter in mind. The paper-crafting world has evolved into so much more than scrapbooking. There are altered artists, card-makers, home decor junkies, and even a new consumer who may not consider themselves to be particularly crafty, but they want to hand-make a gift or invitations to a celebration, baby or wedding shower, or house-warming party.

Created by Authentique Paper DT member Emily Lanham

The Free Bird Series was created with all of these different consumers in mind. We truly value the different styles and desires of each person, and the endless possibilities to create a hand-made project with Free Bird make this a universal product.

Created by Authentique Paper DT Specialist Charissa Miller

Just in case you haven't seen all 32 of the beautiful designs Tara and I created (I concept the lines, choose the colors, and spec out the designs and then Tara waves her magic wand and actually creates the papers in a fancy program), I'll include a few of the best-sellers, in no particular order below, and then you can always visit our website and view the entire series.

First, I'd like to introduce (or re-introduce) you to me and Tara - just so you can put a name with a face...



The Free Bird Series includes eight color schemes, each with four papers per scheme. All of the 6x6 papers are double sided (awesome pattern on the front, and coordinating solid on the back), as well as printed on our signature heavy-weight, textured cardstock! Oh, and they MSRP for only $0.35 - that's just a dime & a quarter - pocket change!

Just a little side note, and I know I may have said this before, but all of the papers are based off of this Fall's color and design trends - so get 'em while they're hot!

"Blush" FBS 103

"Comfort" FBS 107

"Delight" FBS 109

"Endless" FBS 114

"Fair-weather" FBS 117

"Fair-weather" FBS 120

"Familiar" FBS 121

"Poised" FBS 127

"Warmth" FBS 131

Did I happen to mention that we have nothing against 6x6 paper pads? In fact, we offer the Free Bird Series in "Nests" - there are four Nests total - each with two of the eight color schemes combined into one Nest. So, if you prefer, and we can't please everyone, but for those of you who aren't quite ready to set 6x6 papers free - go ahead, grab a Nest and enjoy it as well!

Moral of the story? The Free Bird Series is universal, and in my opinion, paper crafters of all skill-level can find quick & easy or more in-depth ways to use these super-rich papers! Why waste a whole 12x12 sheet of paper, or force yourself to buy a $6-8 paper pad when you may really only love or actually use a few of the designs. At $0.35 a pop, you can hoard the Free Bird Series paper and not even feel guilty!

Join the movement - indulge in the Free Bird Series, and never look back!



  1. LOVE it! And I am hoping this grows into many more Free Birdies!!!

  2. Wow! I need to find these. I love them.

  3. I so need to get my hands on ALL of them..
    Thanks for sharing... I love it ALL....

  4. SO in love with this idea!!!!
    - April W

  5. Great idea. I especially love the familiar paper.

  6. Free Bird is the best idea EVER! I love that I don't have to buy a whole bundle to make a card with two papers that I like. Can't wait to see more!

  7. i am so in love with Authentique Papers!! I wish someplace locally carried them :( I would buy so much more!!

  8. Courtney - where do you live? We'd love to contact your LSS and get some Free Bird papers in your hands! Also check out A Cherry on Top, Two Peas, and many other online retailers!

  9. LOVIN' all the lines you guys have! The halloween line just rocks! Bought a few of the free bird need to go get more ;)

  10. I love love love free bird!!! Thanks for showing off my little toilet paper roll album :-) I notice more and more local stores starting to carry free bird and it makes me happy!!!

  11. Thanks so much for these. They are beautiful, very affordable, and I love using them.


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