"Glowing" Toilet Paper Roll Album

Hello again! It's Emily here for my 2nd post this week! This time I have a little treat for you all!!! Now some of you saw an album that I posted on the facebook page and asked how I made it... well... now you will know how to make your own album out of recycled toilet paper rolls! A few people have even asked me "where's the toilet paper rolls?" That's why these make such great gifts... no one will ever know what they are made of and when they find out, they will be surprised!

Here's the little album that I made for today using Authentique's "Glowing" line.

And here's a little step by step on how you can make one for yourself (start saving those tp rolls now! These are addicting to make!)
First, gather up some supplies. Like I said, I used the Glowing line of paper, and I find that for these, 6x6 is the best to use since the patterns are smaller. You will need at least 4 empty toilet paper rolls, acrylic paint (if you want to paint yours), paint brushes or sponges, embellishments, ribbons, binding rings, and some coordinating cardstock.

Now take your toilet paper rolls and make them flat. You can use your hands, but I find it easier to use a bone folder to crease the edges. Once you've done that, you can paint your rolls.

Cut at least 12 pieces of patterned paper, mine are 3.75 x 2 inches, but you might want to measure your rolls first, sometimes they are different in size. For the mats I cut them at 4 x 2.25 inches. After they were cut, I inked the edges of my patterned paper.

Glue your patterned paper to your cardstock mats.

This step is optional, but I like to stitch the ends of my toilet paper rolls once they are dry, just so the little inserts have a little stopper when you stick them in the sides.

Punch 2 holes and add 2 little binding rings.

Add ribbons to your binding rings and then glue down your mats to the album base. Also, use the 4 extras to stick into the little side pockets for hidden photos our journaling.

Now for the fun part... time to embellish!!! If you have any of the matching Authentique Excerpts or Notables, these are great to add throughout the album!

And that's it! Simple, right? I can't wait to see all of the toilet paper roll albums that you all come up with! Make sure you share them with us on the facebook page!

Here are some other samples of toilet paper roll albums that I've made with other Authentique papers. The possibilities are endless with these!

Products Used on "Glowing" album:
Authentique: 6x6 Glowing bundle, Glowing Noteables, Excerpts, Tabloids
May Arts Ribbon
Lime Twist Twine
Reminisce Roses


  1. What a great idea! I know I could do this. Right now I save all my toilet paper rolls for a teacher friend of mine. She uses them in her classroom for art projects etc. Guess it's time to keep some for myself!

  2. Yep Kelly, time to start keeping some for yourself! Once you paint them, it's hard to even tell that they are toilet paper rolls! I love making these because you can use them for little wallet photos and they have the ends where you can put pull out tags for journaling or hidden photos. They make great gifts!

  3. EEEK! so fabulous! love the concept and your albums ROCK big time!!!!!

  4. Wow, these are super cute, love them!!! Wish you had a feedbiz, so I would get your new posts directly in my email.

  5. Wow this looks Amazing. Thanks for the idea.


  6. Found you on pinterest. What an interesting way to upcycle the TP rolls. I'm going to have to try this one!

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