A Splendid-ly Different Mini

Hello lovely Authentique fans, Heather here. I am bringing to you today a variation on the "mini book" idea. This is actually a manilla folder (turquoise) that has simply been folded. I took the bottom of an open manilla folder, and folded it up four inches. Then decorated! 
I really loved how the Splendid Foundations paper was long enough to cover the entire folder in one piece. It made for the perfect background to all of the mini pages and photos.
Each section has a slot for a photograph that is mounted onto a 4x7" piece of Splendid, and has a space for decoration on the front of the pocket. The edges are also stitched with floss, so that the pockets are "closed".
The Headlines made for the perfect heading for a cute photo of Baby Isla and Daddy.
And the bingo card style of Richness lent itself to another great title.
Using the Petite Type made for a nice little heading. And a few details of the fronts of the pockets...
Here is the folder without all of the photos. See how the Foundations paper cover the folder so well!
And all of the photos mounted on the various papers. You could even swap out the photos if you used temporary glue!
I hope you enjoyed seeing another variation on the mini-book idea. I know that I am going to enjoy displaying this "mini", and remember the baby my toddler once was.

Supplies Used: 
Authentique Splendid Collection: Foundations, Brilliance, Majesty, Richness, Delight, Renown, Magnificence, Tabloids, Headlines (back), Petite Type (circle and square)
Additional Supplies: AC This to That, AC floral ribbon, DMC floss, Office Depot turquoise manilla folder, butterfly punch


  1. I love the new twist on an old concept! This turned out so great!

  2. Heather, those pictures are adorable and way to use your foundations!!!

  3. Super cute photos for a super cute project! Love the idea of using a folder-inspiring!

  4. Super cute photos for a super cute project! Love the idea of using a folder-inspiring!

  5. aww so so cute...what a fun project...

  6. This is so AWESOME!! Thanks for the how-to! Have a GREAT Day,
    Me-Ma Kim
    kimnsammy at gmail dot com

  7. Gorgeous! Enough said! You have such talent!

  8. This is perfect! Thanks for the inspiration!


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