HUESday fun & a few announcements!

We know not all of our fans are on Facebook and we don't ever want you to miss out on the action on our Facebook page, so we thought it would be fun to share a post from Friday which was a total random act of color-matching!

Our owners, Bret and Samantha noticed about 5:30pm that their individual outfits were a perfect match to two of our collections released this summer. 

Do you know which collections they are holding up to show off their coordinating outfits? The photo doesn't show it, but Bret's shoes match too!

Also, if you frequently check out the homepage of our website or the products section, you may have noticed a couple of new collections pop up last week...

The first is a true denim & leather inspired collection called "Original" & the second is a fall/Thanksgiving collection titled "Thankful".

When you find the perfect pair of jeans, you want them in every color... the same applies to pretty paper! "Original" is an encore to our best-selling "Genuine" collection; we, along with our customers, wanted more! The denim-inspired feel is continued, and we've added in a hint of leather, yet this collection is centered around being "you...wonderful, unique, original you!" The papers and sticker embellishments are universal and akin to denim, a staple and compliment to any project. Original is set to be an October release, but we are shipping it to many stores who have requested to receive it ahead of schedule. You will love playing with this line, it just "feels" right - with our signature heavy-weight textured paper, the look of denim is highlighted beautifully!

"Thankful" was created as a response to overwhelming requests for Authentique Paper (that's us!) to release a Thanksgiving/fall collection...our holidays have been reported as some of the top selling collections in stores, so it seemed logical for us to create a line for this autumn season. Nostalgic colors and patterns will take you back to your childhood and remind you of family gatherings. This was a surprise collection, not shown at the Summer CHA show, this is the first official time we have shown it to anyone! Thankful arrived in our warehouse on Friday and is set to officially release in October, but we're happy to ship it early so you can get started on designing some fun fall decor or other creative projects!

For a full view of BOTH of these collections, be sure to check out the Products page on our website!


  1. Looking forward to the thankful collection! Love the 'remember' page, details and elements!

  2. so excited! i can't wait to get ahold of "original"!

  3. Oh I hope my Local Scrapbook Supply Store sells these; I'm going to buy them up!

    1. Who is your LSS?!? We'd be happy to contact them to see if they'd like to carry the collections! Let us know if you'd like! Thank you!!

  4. LOVE it! Can't wait to see both of these lines at my LSS!

  5. My LSS is Scrapbook Superstation (and local is up for debate as I'll be driving a couple hours to go). They are the ones who originally turned me on to Genuine which I was just complaining I am almost completely out of... hoping Original arrives there soon.

  6. OMGOSH!!! So stinkin' excited about getting my hands on both - Original is a no brainer but Thankful is a VERY NICE SURPRISE - love the designs in this collection :) Ah, can't wait to hit stores!!

  7. P.S. Was so excited...I forgot. Bret is Carefree and Sam is Fresh! Love those collections them ALL~! LOL!!

  8. Lol easy both are my favorite collection. Bret is Carefree and Sam you are Fresh.
    Ohw I think Í'm in love with the Original collection. Hope it is soon in the Netherlands.
    xxx Jolanda

  9. Well that photo guess was easy
    Bret is Carefree and Samantha is Fresh! OHHH is that a hint about their personalities too??
    Love the little peeks of new 2 new collections.

  10. Love the premise for the new collections. Can't wait to see Thankful in full. Thanks for a peak

  11. I love your papers - I can't wait to see them at my LSS.

    PS: Thank you for recognizing that everyone doesn't use Facebook! How refreshing! :)

  12. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! for remembering those of us who do not use Facebook. It is always a little depressing when I see great opportunities, giveaways and other fun stuff focused soley on Facebook followers leaving us others out of the loop.
    Brett is carefree and Sam is fresh.
    dmcardmaker (at AOL)
    (email follower)


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