Many Possibilities with Puzzle Pieces!

Our design team has been extra creative lately with some of our newest products. Today we want to feature some projects created with the focus on our new Puzzle Pieces from our "Grace" collection

Here are a few fun facts & uses for our new Puzzle Pieces: 
  • They come in a package of 3 pieces
  • They are double sided, so there are tons of possibilities
  • Great for layering
  • You can easily create your own embellishments with them
  • You can use them together because they really do fit together like real puzzle pieces, or you could use them alone
  • They are double sided, one side always has either a sentiment or an image
Our design team has some creative samples of ways to use the new Puzzle pieces! 

Natalie Dever created this beautiful keepsake frame. She linked the puzzle pieces like a puzzle creating a variety of sentiments to describe her photo. 

Janeen Shember got creative and linked her puzzle pieces with jump rings to form an amazing piece of jewelry! 

We love that this could also double as a home decor piece! 

Our tutorial guru, John Petersen created a really neat magnet board with the puzzle pieces acting as magnets.  He also has a great tutorial to share! 
I'm always up for a little bit of a challenge, so when a few of us on the Authentique Design Team were talking about possible projects for the Grace Paper Collection, the "Puzzle Pieces" came into the conversation and I thought that there could be something interesting to be made with them....  I'm not sure why, but for some reason magnets came to mind and the Grace Magnet Message Board came to life!

I used a picture frame from Ikea that's made for holding album covers (for those of us who still have vinyl records around!) and just popped out the glass.  I embellished the frame with one of the large puzzle pieces and added some of the border stickers from the Grace Collection- quick and easy way to decorate the frame.  I also added some of the Grace photo corner stickers in the corners of the frame as well.

Of course there needs to be a piece of metal for the magnets to stick to, so I found a piece of 12 x 12ish piece of metal at my local Ben Franklin store- I say "ish" on the size because they're larger than this size by about a quarter of an inch but that's what size they're referred to.  Because the edges of the metal are exposed, I used IMAGINE Crafts' StazOn Opaque Mellow Mint to color just the edges of the metal on all four sides using and InkBlusher.

The background of my board uses a full 12 x 12 sheet of "Heart" paper, which I covered with a couple of quick coats of IMAGINE Crafts' Creative Medium in the Shimmer finish, which I applied with an Inkblusher.  Two reasons why I added this to Heart paper- to protect the paper's surface from getting beaten up over time and to add a little bit of shimmer to the paper.  Once completely dry, I adhered the "Heart" paper on top of the piece of metal.  This was then popped into the frame- EASY!!!

To add some stability to the puzzle pieces, I used resin from Little Windows to "dome" each puzzle piece to resemble the pieces being under pieces of glass.  The longest part of this process was letting the pieces set overnight.

To make the pieces into magnets, I cut up pieces of magnetic tape and applied it to the back of the pieces.  Magnetic tape can be found at most office supply stores (I bought my roll at Office Depot) and it has the adhesive already on one side so all that needs to be done is to cut the tape into pieces and apply to the back of each of the puzzle pieces.


You can also find puzzle pieces available in our "Renew" Collection!

We would love to see the way you have used our new puzzle pieces! Please be sure to share your creations with us on our Facebook Page


  1. Love these puzzle pieces and LOVE what everyone did with them! SO creative and beautiful!

  2. I was "puzzled" by what to do with the puzzle pieces.Now I understand-wonderful inspiration.Thank you!

  3. Fabulous ideas using the puzzle pieces. I think you have really inspired me!


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