Simply Irresistible Card Set & Holder

Guiseppa here today to share with you a project I made using the new Irresistible Collection.  If you are like me, your Silhouette is your best friend.  I don't know what I did without this thing before I got it.  Maybe a lot of boring projects.  I love this machine:)  So, I found this cute envelope magazine holder cut, in the Silhouette Store.  I knew it was perfect for holding cards and I decided to make it along with the cards.  So, now I am gonna show you how.

First I selected the cut from my library.

Do you see how it is much bigger than you 12x12 cutting space?  We want to take a few pieces at a time and put them on the 12x12 cutting space to cut.  So, highlight the whole cut and right click on the image.  Select ungroup.  Now the cut can be separated into pieces.

I selected the box pieces and placed them on my 12x12 space.  Make sure you move all the other pieces off the 12x12 space and they cut away.  Authentique paper is really thick so I set my cut settings on Custom Media, Blade Setting 5 and I selected Double Cut.

This is what it should look like when you are done.  Add some adhesive to the folded tabs. 

Fold all of the perforated lines and tuck in the tabs to adhere.

Add the smaller cut to the bottom of the magazine holder, making sure the tabs are adhered to the inside.

Now to add to outside of the magazine holder.  Select the two pieces that look kind of like triangles, the short rectangle and long rectangle and place it on your 12x12 space and cut.  

Here is what you should have so far.

Adhere all of the pieces.  You will have a piece on every side except the bottom.

Now for the bookplate.  I cut this piece out twice.  Once for the background and the other for the bookplate.  This piece is stuck together, so you cannot separate it.  Select it again by right clicking and highlighting and then place it on your 12x12 space.

This is what mine needed up looking like.  Now, there are small holes in the back part of the the magazine holder, the strip of paper that was placed on the back and in the the book plate.  When adhering all of these,  make sure you line up the hole so that you can stick the brads straight through.

Next cut the cards out.  I cut out one at a time because I wanted them to be cut out using different pieces of patterned paper.   The process is the same as we have done previously.

Here are my cut out cards.  

This is always my favorite part...embellishing.  As you can see I used the Enhancements Paper from the Irresistible Collection.  They were perfect for the front of my cards.  I also used the Components Stickers.  

I added pieces of white cardstock to the backs of the cards as a place to add sentiments.

Here's the finished product!

This is perfect for a gift for someone or just to store the cards that you make, plus it's cute and fun to decorate.  Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you make something Irresistible!

Authentique Supplies:
Irresistible Collection: Passion #IRR006, Stunning #IRR005, 6x6 Bundle #IRR007, Components #IRR009 and Enhancements #IRR008

Other Supplies:
Silhouette Cameo, doilies, flowers, ribbon, twine and buttons.


  1. I LOVE practical, beautiful crafts like this..

  2. Fabulous project! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. i love it. i love it! will have to try this, Seppa!

  4. I love your card holder box. So beautiful. The cards are gorgeous.

  5. this is so cute I'm so going to give this a go... Will properly end with loads dotted all over my house hehe .ox

  6. I do not have a silhouette, but I think that it would be worth it for me to look into learning how to use this. I did not realize that it was so easy to work on projects with this program. That is a fantastic magazine holder, I really like the effect that you chose.

    Split-Site PhD


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