"Thrilling" Halloween Decor

The "Thrilling" collection has so many versatile possibilities, and I thought that I'd switch things up a bit and create something for decorating by the front door when the Trick or Treaters arrived on Halloween.  Little did I know when I volunteered this piece for the booth at the Summer CHA Show that I'd have to come home and make another one for myself!

Prep work  This is a simple project but there's some "prep time" involved- mainly cutting down all the strips of Thrilling paper to cover the ball.  Cut ALL sheets of "Thrilling" paper from the 6 x 6 Bundle into 1/2 x 6 inch strips.  Yes, you do need that much just to cover a 6 inch styrofoam ball!  I didn't think it would take that much but when I ran out of strips I was like "Really!?!" so I'm saving you some time by telling you to just cut up the whole 6 x 6 Bundle at the beginning.

To break up the patterned paper a bit, I cut coordinating solid cardstock (purple, lime and black) into the same sized paper strips.  Then I sprayed solid them with different colors of Fireworks craft spray to add shimmer and color.

When you're all done cutting, use scissors to curl all paper strips.  I found that curling after everything is cut gives better curls- I watched some tv while doing this.

Halloween  Focal Points  Trace "Halloween" and "Magic in the Night" rectangular stickers from the 12 x 12 Details Sticker sheet,  face down, onto lime cardstock and then cut slightly larger than the sticker to create layering pieces for both.  Place stickers back onto sheet until needed.  Lightly mist both pieces with Fireworks Pear Tart craft spray and allow to dry.

Adhere lime layering piece onto the styrofoam ball with foam squares on the ends of the piece only.  Then use straight pins to hold down the layering piece (as shown in the previous picture).  Repeat this for the opposite side of the styrofoam ball.  Now you can attach your two stickers onto the layering pieces.

Start Pinning!  Place a straight pin through one end of the paper strip and push into the styrofoam ball to secure in place.  I found it easier to push the pins in at an angle instead of straight into the ball so that the strips would be more secure.  

Be sure to "hide" your pins underneath the Halloween sentiments on both sides of the ball.  Add paper strips around the entire ball until completely covered, keeping in mind to "hide" those pins.  You'll figure out your own pattern of adding the strips of paper to keep this from happening.

Here's the "Halloween" side of the completed ball.

And the "Magic in the Night" opposite of the ball.

Next is to add the ribbon to the top and bottom of the ball- from the top to hang the ball, and from the bottom to add embellishments (this is optional).  Cut desired length of Tulle Pleat ribbon for hanging the ball from the top, and desired length for hanging embellishments from the bottom.  Be sure to secure the ribbon with multiple straight pins to the top and bottom of the styrofoam ball.

Hanging embellisments  I wanted to add some decoration to the bottom of the ball as well with some of the fun Halloween images featured on the "Mystic" printed paper.  I started by making the layering pieces.  Cut two each of the #6 Inset from the Radiant Rectangles die using the Grand Calibur machine.  Using foam squares, adhere the two die cut pieces together with the ribbon in between them on the bottom piece of ribbon.  Cut and adhere Halloween images taken from the "Mystic" paper sheet.  You can also use stickers from the Details Sticker Sheet to embellish the end of the ribbon.

Topping It Off  What project wouldn't be complete without some "frosting" on top?  I decided to add some ribbon and flowers directly on the top of the ball to add some texture and decoration!  Attach flowers onto the ribbon directly above the top of the ball on both sides of the ribbon.  Tie bows with additional ribbon under the flowers to embellish the top of the ball.

Another idea that looks great for this project is to use a styrofoam topiary and substitute lollipops for some of the paper strips!

Hope this gives you a little inspiration for creating your own decor piece- with the "Thrilling" collection or another one of Authentique's fabulous paper collections!

Authentique Paper  "Thrilling" Collection 6 x 6 Bundle, "Mystic" 12 x 12 paper, 12 x 12 Detail Stickers
IMAGINE Crafts/Tsukineko  Fireworks craft sprays in Pear Tart, Tangelo, Grape Jelly
Spellbinders  Grand Calibur machine, Nestabilities Majestic Elelments Radiant Rectangles
Maya Road  Tulle Pleat Trim in Pumpkin Orange
Petaloo  Mixed Texture Flowers in Black and Orange
Cardstock  purple, black, lime green
Miscellaneous  6 inch styrofoam ball, paper trimmer, straight pins, adhesive squares, adhesive of choice, scissors (or similar) for curling paper strips


  1. This is fabulous! Love it John!

  2. Wow...you made this so it looks totally do-able but the result looks like it took years! I am inspired to try it!!!

  3. This is such a cute and fun project. I just love those papers

  4. The finished project is definitely worth it ladies- like I said, it's the pinning that takes the longest. Just sit in front of the tv and you'll have it done in an episode or two!

  5. Oh my - Loving these projects and papers!

  6. I love it and I will make one for sure.Thank you for the great tutorial so I will know how to do it!

  7. I love the wreath! I just picked up a few single sheets of the Halloween paper today! I'm making fabulous cards for my grand-kids and a couple of very lucky friends!!!

  8. I just picked up this paper about a week ago. Thank you for the idea of what to make for the front door. love this collection!!!


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