Announcing: "Tradition"...a brand new Christmas collection by Authentique Paper

Due to overwhelming requests, we are releasing two holiday collections in 2013. The "Tradition" collection is more of a general holiday line, whereas our Joyous collection is classic Christmas.  "Tradition" is a more paper-focused line with nine double-sided papers; however, we included an 8x12 sticker sheet, perfect for card-making, a 6x6 Bundle with 32 sheets, including distressed solids on the back, and a collection kit with a little bit (okay a lot!) of everything.

Eclectic, unique, unexpected, amazing, and refreshing are the words used most often to describe first reaction to this line. We are pleased to officially introduce you to this colorful holiday collection and hope you will enjoy creating with it! 

"ornament" 12x12 paper - TRA001
Decorative ornaments / blue-grey mini dot

"tinsel" 12x12 paper - TRA002
mini tinsel trees / red diagonal plaid

"chimney" 12x12 paper - TRA003

multi-pattern hanging stockings / mixed pattern stripe

"medley" 12x12 paper - TRA004
red & teal mosaic / chevron

"rudolph" 12x12 paper - TRA005
leaping reindeer / red mini dot

"customary" 12x12 paper - TRA006
Christmas poinsettia floral / pine swirl pattern

"peace" 12x12 paper - TRA007
Green background doves / green & cream vertical stripe

"iconic" 12x12 paper - TRA008
mini green & red holly / thin red chevron

** Take a moment to really look at the "Enhancements" 12x12 cut apart paper - BOTH sides are filled with journaling cards, tags and borders...this paper is an excellent value and you will surely want more than one - imagine the projects you could create!!! #TRA009

double sided goodness!!!

6x6 "bundle" - 32 pieces with coordinating distressed solids on the back of each paper - TRA010

"elements" 8x12 stickers - ideal for ALL of your holiday cards, gift tags & handmade gifts! # TRA011

"collection kit" - this is one beefy kit - 2 of each of the 9 papers + the elements sticker, over 250 pieces - # TRA012

And now for some inspiration! Once again, our design team has created masterpieces to share with you and spark your creativity! Use "Tradition" alone or paired with some leftovers in your stash...either way, we are sure the patterns and unique designs will be beautiful in your creations!

Card by Design Team Member Andrea Budjack

Ornament by Design Team Member Eva Dobilas

Home Decor by Design Team Member John Petersen

We want to GIVE AWAY a "Tradition" prize to one lucky fan! If you have a Facebook account, change your profile picture to the "badge" below AND leave a comment telling us what you love about this collection and we will draw and announce a winner in our "Winner Round-up" at the end of this month! If you don't have a FB account, leave us a detailed comment and you'll still be entered to win!

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  1. Absolutely beautiful!! Love how the colors are not too bright!

  2. I always love to see what the designers make with your papers and embellies. Both collections are wonderful and would make amazing cards or layouts.

  3. OMG!

    I LOVE



    this collection!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Definately Christmas 'tradition' papers!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for the chance to win a wonderful prize

    (ps--i don t have fb---my job doesn't let me)

  4. These papers are SO attractive--subtle Christmas/Holiday traditions. I especially like the 8x12 elements stickers--love the way they incorporate bits of the paper designs in them. I've already been eye-ing this set on some of the pre-order scrapbooking sites and thinking I'd love to have it all!

  5. I dont have Facebook, but i just adore this collection! its not traditional yet it pictures tradition in such lovely manner! i love color tones, and cut aparts are just amazing!!! i already have some projects in my head that would be awesome with this collection! ;)
    i would definitely love to be a winner! :)

  6. My profile pic is changed on FB. I love the enhancements page! I can't wait to cut that baby up!

  7. I love the old fashioned feel of these papers. I especially love tinsel, the stockings, and the ornaments. Seriously this is my favorite Christmas line!
    I don't know how to change my picture, or I would. I'm sorry.

  8. Gorgeous papers, love the variety of the designs. I also really like that not every design is distressed. I changed my FB profile pic (however, my page is private). Thanks for the chance to win!

  9. Most af all I love the balance of the colors.. Always just perfekt for the size af cards I make.

  10. Very pretty collection.
    Wonderful details on all
    the pages.
    Carla from Utah

  11. This is gorgeous and fun. I love the subtle colors and designs. The 12 X 12 cut-a-part and the elements stickers are so fun. Thanks for the chance to win.

  12. Wow! I'm loving the paper with all the stockings. Thanks for the chance to win!

  13. Wow, this collection is really gorgeous! I love the warm colours and the fun patterns. The sheet with the cut-out elements is my favourite.

  14. I love love love the feel of these papers--just so, so much fun! Great patterns and lovely colors. I can't wait to get my hands on them! TFS!!!

  15. This is a beautiful collection! I love the colors, and I love that there are versatile everyday patterns and theme patterns just for Christmas! Awesome!

  16. the new collection is great, love the cut apart pages!

  17. LOVE this collection! Would be perfect for my Christmas album!!!!

    1. Changed my profile pic and pinned!

  18. There's a lot you could do with this collection besides Christmas. That's the kind of thing I look for when I'm buying a paper pack...whether or not I'll get a lot of use out of it. My favorite papers are the ornaments and the stockings.
    I like that the 6x6 pad comes with distressed solids on the back, because everyone can use solids!
    The muted colors are a nice change of pace. I'm tired of bright colors and am ready to tone things down a bit.

    Lu L.

  19. Wow these are gorgeous papers! I always reach for Authentique papers and can't wait for the next release. These are perfect for all Christmas crafts and I would love to win the collection. Thanks for the opportunity to win. I pinned the pages!

  20. Just another reason why Authentique is my favorite paper. I follow these designers as well. Love Love love.

  21. It's so warm and mellow.Gives me a nice cozy feeling.And I agree with Lu L-a lot of the papers are not holiday specific-so much you could do this with the collection. Fell in love with the snowman when I saw it on FB. Would love to hang some on my Christmas tree.
    Definitely pinning-but don't know if I can change my profile picture.Hanging in there in hopes I win the Thrilling collection!

  22. The thing I love most about the this line is the muted vintage colors. I also really like the pieces on the elements sheet. A great look. I especially like the mosaic, ornaments and chimney papers.
    I changed my profile photo to your badge also.

  23. I have to say...I love it all! The colors are perfect. The
    papers are just lovely. I especially like the doves on the green background. The double-sided tags, cards, etc. are such a such a value and I really like the elements. What can I say, I love it all!

  24. Love this collection. The colors are great and I like that the patterns are smaller and not over whelming. Very nice!

  25. I just love that a lot of the B sides can be used for more than just Christmas! So versatile!!

  26. Wow... such a pretty, whimsical collection. Thank you for the chance to win the collection.

  27. Wow... such a pretty, whimsical collection. Thank you for the chance to win the collection.

  28. I LOVE that the colors are so versatile. Yes, I would definitely use them for Christmas cards and scrap pages, but I could also use them for non-holiday crafts too! Perfect!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  29. What a beautiful Christmas collection, I love it!

  30. This collection is great! I love the tag. There are so many cute projects that you could make with Traditions. Love it!

  31. I like the traditional colors and the trendy designs.

  32. such a fun holiday collection :)

  33. Oh do I love this collection! Really like the traditional colors that are subtle instead of bright. Makes it even more versatile. The journaling cards are awesome and perfect for cardmaking or scrapbooking. I like collections that can be used for more than one theme and this is one of those. Almost every paper design could be used for everyday as well as Christmss! Love it and off to change my FB profile!

  34. What a wonderful collection!! I love all the geometric prints and the color combinations. It doesn't feel like the typical Christmas collection and yet it has those adorable papers with the trees and stockings. Chevrons, stripes and dots....oh my! I'm so glad you released it this early because I'm already planning my holiday cards and gifts. Those circle element stickers are fabulous!

  35. wow...I love this collection. Trendy yet Vintage at the same time. That is hard to do! Gorgeous!

  36. THANK you for letting those of us who do not have FB participate by commenting!!!

    Love this Tradition collection so much! I really love the blue-gray in these papers. The paler more subdued colors look so vintage and hearken back to a more elegant time in the past.....when houses had classy decorations, instead of plastic inflatable Santas and when people still dressed up for Christmas Dinner, instead of wore jeans. (Hey....don't take my jeans away from me!!!....) lol...

    Thank you for the chance to win!!
    <3 J

  37. Love your collections. Putting the colors together is so neat I love them. The Xmas collection is really nice I hope our stores get it in. I don't think you have had a collection I didn't like or buy. Thanks for the inspirations they are great. Keep on cranking out the collections they are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Fantastic collection!!! I love the colours! That ornament paper keeps drawing my eye! I love it!

  39. Love Love Love )
    Soo beautiful collection, I love colors and designes

  40. Wow...This is an amazing collection. That green dove background pattern is gorgeous. I really need this collection.

  41. This new line is appropriately named. It seems more traditional with less distressing than most of your collections. My favorite papers are the ones with the stockings & the leaping deer. I think the round stickers will make some great cards too!

  42. I clipped the giveaway here:

  43. I pinned the giveaway here:

  44. Beautiful collection! Those blues are gorgeous and I'm seriously in love with the tinsel paper!

  45. I thought last year's Christmas papers were pretty nice - love this year's too!

  46. What a beautiful Christmas collection! I love it! Feels very old fashioned with updated soft colors! Thanks!


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